The Flaws with Criminal Minds Ep That Aired on January 21 1

I don’t normally find flaws with episodes of shows I like because I don’t always know many facts about the places that they take place in. Of course, if you were paying attention to Criminal Minds on January 21, you may have noticed that it took place in Madison County, Alabama, with stops in Harvest, Madison, and Huntsville. As a Huntsville native, I thought I would take a note of things that I recognized as goofs.

  • People of North Alabama have very little in the way of accents. This is a very diverse area, so people don’t really have a specific sound.
  • The new theater is at a shopping center. If you’ve paid attention to the pictures I’ve posted in the past, then you might have seen the shopping center.
  • There are very few palm trees as this is a temperate climate.
  • Harvest isn’t hilly. It’s as far from the hilly side of the county as possible. Harvest is pretty darn flat.
  • The hospital the little girl would have gone to does not have windows in the doorway area. (Though the little girl was found a ways away from Huntsville, she would have gone to Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children as it is the top hospital in the Tennessee Valley for trauma.)
  • There are 3 “multiplexes” in the area near Harvest. There are two more further into town. The one that a child would most likely want to go to is closest to my end of town. A child would not want to go to the newest theater, and I don’t know if Monaco is big on having kids there, as they have reserved seating and alcohol.
  • In this state, we have no “Highway Patrol”. We have “State Troopers.” No native Alabamian would ever call them Highway Patrol.
  • Madison police would have been involved in the case, as they like to get involved in anything in their area.
  • The weather when this episode would have taken place would be much cooler than was portrayed. We don’t wear light jackets in the winter generally.
  • Our dirt is red. There is very little brown dirt. Most of it is just a variance on the rich red soil.
  • The cars of the Fire Department are white.
  • The malls aren’t laid out the way that was shown. Madison Square is a long mall with the “high end” stores off to the sides at various spots. You wouldn’t be able to just run out the door into the mall and head straight one way. Parkway Place has carpeted floors in the main part and is shorter and wider.
  • Huntsville has very few alleys. They’re mainly in very old neighborhoods. There are even fewer completely flat topped buildings outside of downtown.
  • They would have involved HPD once they were in Huntsville.
  • It would take 2 hours for the aunt and uncle to get from Birmingham to the little girl.
  • The woman who ran the RV Park at the beginning said there aren’t many foreigners in the area. There is a high population of Hispanics in this area, Germans are also to be found, and there are many other groups who speak many other languages in public, including various Eastern European tongues. I’ve heard languages ranging from Chinese to Dutch to Russian to Indian at the grocery store in my end of town. That’s nothing compared to what you would hear in the more integrated areas. Huntsville and the surrounding area is no stranger to “foreigners” with the placement of places like Redstone Arsenal, the US Space and Missile Defense Command, the Marshall Space Flight Center, etc.

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