Broke It Good 1

Last night as I watched Criminal Minds, I was also unloading the dishwasher during the commercial breaks. This is something I normally do, and while I’m doing it, I will leave the dishwasher open. Well, Xander likes to lay in the floor of the kitchen nearby. (He always likes to be near one of his people while they’re in the kitchen.) I came back during a commercial break to finish the load, and I got my toes caught in his tail “feathers” and I tripped. I fell into the dishwasher door and bent the door. Needless to say, it can no longer be used as a dishwasher. Of course, that was not the only injury. I hurt my left knee and got some scrapes. My knee really only bugs me now when it is touched or when it is bent. This makes it very difficult to sit, but I would rather sit with a little pain than stand and aggravate the crap out of my back.

I decided to change my second major today to English from Philosophy. I’m kind of a transitory creature. I’ll probably end up, by the end of the whole UAH experience, dropping my second major completely and having like 20 minors. I think it’s the BPD, because I’m not really an indecisive person.

I looked into the possibilities of why the X-Ray did not show my arthritis and, apparently, they could have missed it by not taking any images from odd angles. Of course, I think part of why they missed it is because I wasn’t standing when they checked. When they checked before, I was standing because that’s the only way that my kneecaps will stay in place.

I’m glad I don’t have an afternoon class tomorrow. Maybe I can come home and take a little nap. Yeah, right. That’s highly unlikely. Instead, I will probably come home, listen to Molly sing to the Law & Order theme, then work on my take home quiz for Asian Philosophy, and finish up by reading stuff for my Honors class.

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