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Okay, first of all, I have no nude pictures. Second of all, I’m in the Central time zone, which would mean that if they were on the news, then they would be on at 10. So the title does have significance, but mainly I have to tell you how my appointments went today. Well, actually, it was one appointment and one non-appointment. I had a check in with my family doctor to see if he was writing my letter for Disability Support Services at UAH about my physical aspects of the disability. Well, he said that he would write it, but he wasn’t completely sure what to ask for. He didn’t particularly like the idea of writing one for illnesses that he does not treat, but since I claim to actually have problems with them, then he guessed he would write the letter. Of course, he needed to see with his own eyes that I have arthritis and he needed to check and see if I have arthritis in my lower back or if it’s Fibromyalgia. This, of course, means that I had to have X-Rays. I don’t particularly enjoy X-Rays because they have this typical way of making me feel more pain and discomfort. They also tend to have the rooms too cold, and then, there is also the added annoyance at the people who do the darn things who refuse to give a lead thing. (I don’t know if the lead actually protects anything, but it still feels better to have one. Though having one with a lower spine and with bilateral knee X-Rays is kind of an inconvenience more than a help.) So, I didn’t really like the idea of having this particular imaging thing done because I’m in the middle of doing laundry. Actually, I just started it yesterday and haven’t gotten to the underwear portion of the show. (I would probably be almost done, but my mom, who had said she would help as she knows how much pain I’m in, is suddenly in too much pain to help me and my father, who will help my mom with laundry when she’s in pain, refuses to acknowledge that I might actually be in too much pain to do my laundry.) So the technician tells me to take off my jacket and jeans. The jacket part I was expecting because I could feel the metal from the zipper, but I had forgotten that the jeans had a zipper made of the same metal substances…or some of the same metal substances. Anyway, I had to partially disrobe and put a gown on. If you knew the hospital running this particular imaging thing, then you would know that they only have gowns in one size. (It’s the same hospital that I had my gastric bypass done at, and, as I recall, they only had a one size gown. The more publicly accessible hospital has larger, more comfortable gowns.) Well, this one does not fit, so I’m clutching the back of it to try to close it, but it’s not exactly working properly. I kept it almost closed until the end, but I didn’t actually moon anyone, so that’s a good thing. So how does this relate to the title? Well, X-Rays are a form of imaging, which makes you think of pictures. Since I had no underwear on, I was semi-nude, so you could say that I had semi-nude pics taken. I took a paper copy of my response paper to my Honors teacher after taking the (miraculously found) form to the Financial Aid office. The FA person told me to go pay my tuition. I asked her why. She told me that everyone who hadn’t paid had to pay, but I demanded to know why I had not been told I needed this paperwork back last year when I submitted the FAFSA. She said that I had been sent an email when they needed the form. Well, that’s all well and good, but they only send emails to the official school account and I never got a verification thing because my official school account wasn’t officially set up until my schedule had been set up in the system the day classes started. So, I asked, in my calm, yet unnerved voice, “Why am I being punished for a flaw in your system?” (I learned in ninth grade, when asking the school board for a transfer from Grissom to Huntsville due to medical reasons, that people become very unnerved when you refer to being treated a certain way as punishment, when it is in following with their rules of how to govern their organization. I also learned that asking this question often leads to the question, “Are you in therapy? If you aren’t, you should be because you have some serious psychological issues.” [Manipulation, though a personality flaw, is not a true psychological issue in most cases.]) She got unnerved and went to the director of Financial Aid to see what could be done, and told me that I would not be dropped from the schedule. They would check over my Financial Aid and see how much Aid I might receive. I would hope that I receive coverage for all my classes, though I would also like to receive coverage for the books I purchased for classes. (I would also like coverage for the overdraft fees incurred when paying for these books that I would not have received if they had let me know via “secular email” that my Financial Aid needed verification. [I would have had it verified last March, and Financial Aid would have disbursed already and I might have actually received a book stipend.]) I’m planning on starting an ezine again, and this time actually getting it to work. (Last time a lot of the staff disappeared after the name changes and regime changes.) This time I want it to be for women 18+, so if you either fit into that age and gender group, […]

Semi-Nude Pics at 11

I almost wrote this entry a few hours ago, when I was quite annoyed with my mom. I decided to wait, though. I kind of understand why she was annoyed with me, but she didn’t have to get so “huffy” about it. You see, I was supposed to write a response paper today for my Honors class “Tolerance in an Age of Persecution: Europe, 1500-1700”. Actually, I was supposed to write it sometime between last Thursday’s class and tomorrow morning. I had class Friday. I was going to write it Saturday, but I didn’t. I was pretty much told I had to go to church yesterday, which ended in me coming home with plans for the night that had to be canceled because I ended up with a migraine just about thirty minutes after I walked in the house. Well, that left either today or tomorrow. I chose to write it today. This evening to be more precise. I wrote it in response to one sentence from Article 3 of Question 11 in Summa Theologica by Thomas Aquinas. (The sentence justified murdering people in the name of saving the world from heresy.) I hand-wrote my response, which I was going to type up tomorrow morning. I decided after I got done writing that I would hang out on the computer for a little while. Well, when it was time to go take the dogs out, my mom asked me if I had finished typing my paper. I was (stupidly enough) honest with her and told her that I wasn’t planning on doing it until tomorrow morning. Well, she got mad, cussed at me a little, and talked about how unreliable I am. Well, I got annoyed, and when she went inside because Willow didn’t want to walk, I pointed out to my father that I type and read quickly enough that writing a two to three page paper would not be difficult. Still, I had promised my mom (to quiet her down) that I would come in from the walk and type up the paper. I came in and had my three page paper written in about ten minutes, after editing it a little bit. Then, I sent it to my teacher via email, since I’m probably going to miss class tomorrow anyway. My mom was so happy when she heard it was all done. I was still quite annoyed. I’m sick of being treated like an irresponsible child. I’ve proven over the years that I can be trusted. I’ve proven over the years that I’m a good student. So why does she insist on treating me like this? I was at the doctor’s office this afternoon to talk with the nurse about finishing up a paper for the Disability Support Services at school. We discussed my different physical disabilities, and she offered to have them write more about my mental health ones, but I told her I had already had that letter written. She said the doctor will look over the list and will let me know what accommodations that he thinks I need. Knowing my doctor, he won’t think that I need any. I just hope that he finally believes that I have Fibromyalgia after his office receives my doctor’s notes and tests from the clinic that diagnosed me. Maybe then he’ll understand that this pain that I’ve been talking about having is legitimate. I was checking my email today and noticed that Krista, Hael’s fiancee, had heard about my migraines and my mom nearly dying. She was worried about me. It’s kind of odd that this person who has only known me for a short time was worried about me, when people who have known me longer don’t seem so concerned. It also seemed strange that someone who has just gone through something so traumatizing as unexpectedly losing her father would be concerned about me. Of course, Krista is sweet. So now two of my friends from YSA have checked on me, and neither of them is from my ward. That’s really making me wonder if my friends from my ward really care or not. Is that wrong to wonder about? Is it wrong to think that when you leave unexpectedly for two months that your friends should kind of look into what’s going on? Especially since these are the same people who helped initiate the whole fasting and praying thing where the entire YSA for the stake divided up 40 days of fasting for members of the group who had become inactive. It seems like when someone who had been going to virtually every event ends up just disappearing from the group functions, church, and from online stuff that people should do something. I’ve never had people not really care where I was before. I mean, even when I would get sick when I was in school as a kid (even a teen) and I would miss anywhere from a day to a month, someone always checked in on me, other than DHR, who still managed to do checks on me despite the letter on file that stated that sometimes I would fall ill and end up out of school for a month at a time. It seems like maybe these people that I thought were friends would check on me, but maybe I’m wrong. Or maybe they didn’t know that I expected that of them. Maybe I set my expectations too high. All I know is that other friends checked on me and it made me feel like I meant something to someone when they did. So, tomorrow, the first biracial President takes office. Yeah, I called him biracial. I mean, technically, he has the same skin color as African Americans, and he is technically an African American, as his father was African, but Barack Obama is also half white. So, it’s like a half step towards racial equality, though you could say it’s more than that because it’s reported by some that people of […]

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