I’m Actually Alive 3

I know I haven’t written in over a month, so I figured I ought to get on here and write up a little something to let you know that I am in fact still alive. I had that whole thing happen with my mom back in November, but she’s somewhat better now. They still can’t completely assess her situation with her kidneys because it takes like three to six months for kidney function to get back to normal after what happened. So, she’s really being vigilant with her diabetic diet, except when something sugary is nearby and she tries really hard to avoid it, but I guess that sometimes the temptation is just too strong. I know, if I were a good daughter, then I would keep the sugary stuff out of the house, but sometimes it can’t be helped but to be there.

I didn’t get online for a while, not only because of the mom thing, but also because I have had some issues of my own. No, I didn’t get super depressive and decide that I needed a break from reality. Instead, I got really schizo-ish, and decided I needed a break from reality. That probably sounds like a bad thing, but I think the schizoaffective stuff has kept me from being really depressed this winter. Maybe if I can hold onto the delusional stuff then I will be able to escape one of my “bad years”. Here’s to hoping for that.

I’ve also been having issues with migraines. The NuvaRing that they put me on at the gynecologist’s office to regulate my periods because of the whole PCOS thing caused my migraines to come back with a vengeance. Not exactly the best way to spend a few weeks of my life, but I guess it all works out in the end. Of course, I’ve kind of delayed putting one back in because of the stupid headaches. I guess migraines are better than the possibility of endometrial cancer which is always a possibility when you miss your cycle as much as I have.

I had to have an MRI and an EEG done in the middle of last month because of my little seizure-like things that I’ve been having all my life. I just got the results back on Friday and they said that I don’t have epilepsy according to the tests. Instead, I just have migraines. I don’t think that it’s just migraines, though, because my mom has migraines and she does not feel electrical impulses in her brain which come before twitches in her limbs. Maybe since I didn’t have one of the seizure-like things when I was having the tests done, it won’t show that I have that kind of problem. *sigh* I don’t know.

My Christmas was pretty good this year. I spent time with family at my grandmother’s house on Christmas day, which was nice, I guess. I won’t get into anything more about that in a public entry because I don’t want to cause yet another rift in the family.

Oh, I guess one of the biggest things that I have yet to say is that I am typing this from the Honors Lounge at UAH. Yep, I’m a student here now, officially. I don’t have one of my classes completely scheduled, but I should have it in the system by tomorrow. I also don’t have all of my books, but that’s because no one has been able to get all of their books. My majors have kind of been changed. I’m still majoring in Psychology, but my other major is Philosophy.

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