I Can Hear the Bells 2

I need to make this entry as quickly as possible because I have to cook supper. Admittedly, my skills are being used to prepare hot dogs and chips, but still, I’m going to make the best darn hot dogs and chips I can make. I kind of miss the days when I did the gourmet thing most nights, but that got to be a kind of expensive thing to do.

I had fun last night. We took a bunch of pictures, which was cool. I uploaded them to Facebook, where many people de-tagged themselves, which is kind of annoying. I understand asking if you can be de-tagged, but it seems a little wrong to de-tag yourself without asking the person who posted the pictures first. I also deleted one picture from the Facebook album because someone asked me to. She thought the picture was of her butt, when it was really of Anthony, a friend. (She just got in the shot when I was taking the picture.) I don’t think I’m going to do that (deleting one) again. I like being able to post MY pictures on MY account. I don’t think it’s fair when I have to delete a picture because someone doesn’t like it. Of course, she didn’t ask me to delete it from Flickr, and even if she had, I wouldn’t. On Facebook, I’m a bit more free-spirited with my pictures than I like being on Flickr.

I asked two friends to having Thanksgiving with my family, but so far one has said he can’t come. I figure the other one will decline as well. Kind of sucks, but I guess that’s okay. I mean, as long as their having a good Thanksgiving somewhere, then that’s what matters.

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