Look, Ma, one hand!

I had another driving lesson this afternoon. It went okay, I guess. I got to travel on some pretty scary curving roads in town. And one of these roads, I got to drive on with one hand in my lap. I would have had both hands on the wheel, but my right arm was cramping really bad and the instructor said I could try to drive with one hand. Then, he became quite interested in how a person who is supposedly right handed (I just told him I write with my right hand) could drive best with her left hand on the wheel. He seemed to think that that was strange. I tried to tell him that I was ambidextrous, but he didn’t seem phased by that.

I have really got to get some help with my auditory processing problem. I can’t understand what is being said to be part of the time, and that is not a good thing to have go on, particularly when you’re driving or learning to drive. I need to be able to use all my senses properly, and it doesn’t seem like I’m going to be able to do that without some intervention by a professional.

I’m going through the holiday_wishes lists and seeing what wishes I can grant.

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