The Guide to the Obama Presidency 1

Living in a country where you don’t like the leadership is difficult, I’ll admit. However, it is NOT impossible. This is a quick and simple guide for non-Obama supporters to make it through the next few weeks, months, and years.

First, remember, it isn’t forever. Chances are that in four, eight, or twelve years, you will probably have a leader you respect in office. Typically, party swaps happen every eight or twelve years. Usually by the eighth year, someone in the administration has done something to upset enough people that he gets his party out of office. Now, sometimes, this does not really happen on a popular vote level, and we end up seeing things like Supreme Courts and hanging chads. It is worse for the country when things like that happen than it is for someone to win “fair and square”.

Next, you need to stock up. First, get journals because you’re going to want to document every moment of utter hatred or annoyance towards this person. Eventually, you will write less and less and end up laughing more and more. Then, get some pens, preferably gel pens. They write smoother. And finally chocolate and/or ice cream. Perhaps other comfort foods. It’s called the “Election 20”, much like the “Freshman 15”.

Next, prepare yourself for staying up on Saturday nights for SNL. It may interfere with your sense of morality on some skits, but it will be worth it for the skits on Obama and the commentary that will be done on Weekend Update. If you have church the next morning, then I would recommend that you get a VCR or DVR and record the shows. (For the record, supporters will be laughing, too.)

Another thing, you will need is to stay in the country. Threatening to leave does not help the situation. I’ve threatened twice, and it just made me feel kind of foolish when I didn’t get all my stuff ready for my long trip to Canada. Oh, and if you do decide to leave, then pick a country that has political interests similar to yours. I’m guessing that if you hate Obama, you would probably choose something more conservative, so Canada, Australia, and Britain are all out. Not so sure about Ireland and New Zealand, as I don’t have as many contacts there. Foreign language skills might be healthy. I know, learn Russian, go there, learn what strife is. Or, go to Israel, and learn the realities of terrorism.

Let me think. What else?

Oh, yes, there is something that you shall do. Stay calm. Making threatening remarks about the President Elect will get you nowhere, except maybe jail, depending on if the Secret Service catches on. (And they likely will.) You see, vehemently hating people does not get you anywhere.

Remember, when dealing with the other side, that we have feelings, too. We are human. We are not responsible for everything that happens that you do not like. Yes, we voted for “the wrong person” in your eyes, but that does not mean we are at fault for your issues with the candidate. We, for the most part, did not blame you for the badness we associate with Bush. We do not appreciate the blame for the badness that you associate with Clinton and that you will likely associate with Obama.

Another thing, the Senate is not filibuster-proof. Though Democrats came out in high numbers, we did not capture as many seats as it would have taken to ensure that we had the Senate in our grasps completely. So, you still have a little hope there.

Remember to pray. It helps. And don’t just pray for your safety, your party, and the like. Pray for Obama, too, because, unfortunately, not everyone will take the not making threats thing seriously. And, though I have never lived through an assassination, I hear that that can be a seriously bad thing for a country, regardless of how you voted. Also, pray for him because he is your leader. You would be shocked to know that I have prayed for Bush, his safety, and for guidance for him. I tried to have faith with him. And if I can do that for someone who is so different from me, then you can for someone so different for you.

About Janet Morris

I'm from Huntsville, Alabama. I've got as many college credits as a doctorate candidate, and the GPA of some of them, too. I have a boss by the name of Amy Pond. She's a dachshund. My parents both grew up in Alabama.