One Step Too Far 1

I respected Larrisa’s request that we stop making attacks on one another in that post. I really did. And I am still respecting it. I responded, instead, to someone else’s remark and I did so in a polite manner. This is what I found when I checked the message a few moments ago:


I think he’s taken this thing one step too far. Though I do honestly believe like I could hit him, I really do not like the tone he took in that message. Mine was the snarkiness with which my grandfather raised me to have against people who were using a bit of an abrasive tone with me. After all, I learned how to argue from an abusive sociopath. I got my temper from him. And I was NEVER scared of him. I knew that, even though he was dangerous, I could figure a way to take him. Something about:

As far as you taking me? Please! You are welcome to try anytime you wish, but it will be a mistake. Honestly, you completely lack the cardiovascular strength for any kind of sustained combat. Do not. EVER. Physically attack me.

It sounds like he’s willing to kill me. I’m talking about a slap. A slap! I could probably get in a few extra punches, but of course I wouldn’t do the whole sustained combat thing. I shouldn’t have to. He would deserve a slap for a racial slur, but I would deserve to be beaten to death for reacting the way I’ve been raised and my mental health dictates?

I honestly thought about reporting this to Facebook, but I don’t think that they would look too kindly upon my comment about how I would have slapped him. I’m going to try to ignore his thing, but it may take some extra careful mixing of meds to get to sleep tonight. I think the paranoia is going to be on high alert.

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