Cry Uncle Already!

He said he gave up, but he didn’t. He is continuing to go on with our argument. I think when one says they gave up on a fight, then they should actually have to follow through. I mean, it isn’t that I don’t enjoy arguing because I do. It reminds me of growing up with Dadada, who used to love to argue with me. I just think that it’s unfair to get a girl’s hopes up by arguing with her, only to beat them down by saying the argument is over, and then continue arguing. I mean, if he was going to continue to respond to everything I said, then he should at least not say the thing was over. In my family, we don’t give up. Grudge matches go on for years, decades even, and I am not one to give up a fight just because I get bored. I may leave it to go meditate on something else, but I will typically come back. The only time I have really given up easily is on IG and I only did that so that I could get him to leave me alone, which took about a year for him to do. But that was more because of personal attacks, not attacks on debate issues.

So, I have more screen captures of the argument:

23, 24

Has anyone else NEVER heard of peroxide being used on “wicked witches”? I have a lot of books on witchcraft and I have never seen that.

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