Apparently He Took Offense

Okay, so I guess the argument between Josiah and me is over because:

You’re a perfect demosntration of how liberals generally argue; when confronted by the facts, they go immediately into personal attacks and irrelevant side issues.

Um, okay. I’m the one who turned it personal and attacked him? I thought I was doing a pretty good job staying on his points. He was personal. He basically said my parents and I deserved the disabilities and didn’t deserve help. He was the one who got huffy when I would try to keep him on point. He also probably doesn’t like it that I happen to know the person that he supposedly did not offend in the last conversation a lot better than he does, so I know that he was offended.

The last of argument, or so he says, I’m sure he will come back to argue more…people who have a thirst for this thing typically do:

20, 21, 22

Seriously, though, he is lucky that Dennis was next to him when he said the thing about the N word because I would have slapped him. And he is lucky that he didn’t live in my old neighborhood ’cause someone would have seriously kicked his butt or killed him.

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