Like I Said…

I’m not taking any more crap from people about this election. I’ve kept my mouth shut too long and people have learned they can step on me by my doing that. Well, I’ve had enough. I replied first yesterday before the dance, and one of the guys who talked to me after the dance is the one I’m arguing with right now. I refuse to step down from this. I refuse to let them call me uneducated and make generalized assumptions about me because of who I’m voting for. I am sick of when I say that I’m a Democrat, my friends refuse to let me talk. They’re like, “Well, members of the church are usually Republican.” That’s not going to change me. I am not going to be pressured into a political position where my rights get railroaded left and right.

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Oh, and one of the guys who danced with me last night talked to me a lot last night and hung around like crazy. He was sweet. He mentioned that he used to live near goths with a lot of piercings and how that was weird. Then, when we were cleaning up, I took out a ponytail and put my hair up. I guess he didn’t expect the three hole earring thing because he didn’t talk to me again. I thought that was a little funny. What’s so scary about a girl who goes and gets pierced? I think people with piercings are awesome. It’s such an awesome way to express oneself.

There was also the point where I learned that Jamie can’t stand it when you bring up anything to do with sex. You can talk about bodily functions, but not sex. He and Jennifer were talking about how animals couldn’t be gay, and I pointed out that I have actually had animals that liked to have sex with animals of their own gender. I mean, in dogs, it’s a sign of dominance, but we did have the one guinea pig who was only interested in boy guinea pigs. They said something about how it was impossible because then the species would die out. I wanted to point out that it doesn’t die out when people like people of the same sex. As long as the number of straight beings somewhat outnumbers the gay ones, then I doubt there will be any risk to the population. I would say as long as there were a few straight couples, but you have to take into account the whole inbreeding thing.

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