Near Death Experience? 1

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My friends have been joking that if I had been in the car when it was fully on fire that I would have died. My mom said they were actually right, though. That is so scary. It really bugs me that I can look at the picture, see where my life could have ended, and it doesn’t really phase me.

I’ve gotten to the point where I try not to talk about what happened on Saturday with the fire at all. I refer to it as “before what happened” and “after what happened”. I don’t call it the fire or anything. I don’t know why. I figure if I fixate on it too much, then I’ll just go completely insane.

Right now I’m working on helping Jenn arrange a ride to get us to Cullman for the stake dance on Halloween. My mom said she would take us as far as Arab, if Jamie could take us the rest of the way. I guess that would work. If I knew when Elenya would be getting home, I’d suggest her, but that might be asking a bit too much. I mean, she will have just traveled all the way from Indiana.

I’ve got to work on my costume for Friday night. I picked up the shirt I’ll wear from the store yesterday. I just have to embellish it between now and Friday. I also have to figure out how to mix the two shades of eyeshadow to get the perfect shade of blue for the perfect hippie look. I haven’t worn blue eyeshadow much in my life. It’s not exactly a normal color to wear on a daily basis. I mean, I’ll wear purple every day, but not blue. Strange that I’d do one, and not the other.

Oh, my parents were offered the chance to adopt two more dogs–bassets. My dad says absolutely not. I don’t think that’s fair. I think our pack deserves to get a little larger. I mean, all he’d really have to do is serve them food every other day. (I do the food the other days.) My mom and I would be responsible for pretty much everything else. Of course, he would need to help shower them with attention, but that’s pretty easy to do. Of course, he’s all like, “Four dogs is enough.” I can kind of understand what he’s saying, but I would love to make the pack bigger. It would make our dogs we already have happier because they would get more socialization.

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