Deceivingly Smart?

Last night at Family Home Evening, we played Boxers or Briefs. It was a pretty fun game. I’d never played it before, but it was pretty cool. I didn’t expect that people would want to play a game with me ’cause I was kind of sitting there quiet and hanging out by myself, partially due to my foot and partially due to my depression. Hael got a group together and we started playing a game, and I’m glad we did ’cause I hate to think where my mind would have gone if we hadn’t. I’m apparently in that fun time of my year where I can’t be left alone to my own devices, but I can’t be around other people easily. One of the people put down a card that said I was deceivingly smart, which I guess is true. I mean, most people don’t think that I’m smart ’cause I kind of play the ditz card a lot of the time, but I am smart. I didn’t pick that as the true card, though, because there was one that was much more appropriate given the ankle sprain…”I am a klutz.” Of course, I don’t count falling in a hole in the dark as being an act of klutz. My other sprains that I’ve had over the years could, though.

I’m currently trying to get the address for the people behind X Maze so I’ll be able to send them the lovely bill that I have a feeling I’m going to get for having a sprain caused by an accident. I don’t have the money to cover the imaging scans done on my ankle and knee, and Medicare will not like having to foot the bill for an accident that happened somewhere where I was not the owner of the property. Insurances are very strict about that.

I’m trying to think up a way for Jennifer and me to get to the dance on Friday. It’s kind of difficult because I don’t know who is going and who isn’t. I’m sure I’ll think of something. I need to. I mean, if I’m going to go and sit with my foot propped up for three hours, I need to think of a way to do so. 😉 Yeah, I know it sounds ridiculous to go to a dance when you know all you’ll be doing is propping your foot up. I think it’d be fun, though.

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