Less than 14 hours…

In less than 14 hours, I have to go to the Disability office, or DSS, at UAH and apply for Disability Support Services. This is intensely scary for me, seeing as how this is the first time I’ve asked for help in college related to my problems AND the last time I brought up that I had said problems, I was booted from the program I was in. I seriously hope I can get my accommodations and not get left as someone who can’t get a degree. What am I requesting? Open book testing and access to elevators. Why? Because of the severity of my problems and the medications they put me on to control them, my memory is virtually shot at times. I can remember things if I have a good trigger to remember them. I mean, when you trigger a memory with me, I can usually get it in vivid detail, but if I’m expected to give you verbatim answers (which some teachers require, which has led to me getting bad grades in the past), my mind goes for a break and will not return. The access to elevators is the thing I’m least worried about because UAH is known for that level of handicapped accessibility. A&M is not, so I figure it will be good to have it on record that I need that level of help getting to my classes. I had to fight for that right in high school, and it was not pleasant.

I also have to go for my Gardasil shot tomorrow. That should be fun. It’s such a “fun” shot with the pain and achiness. I really look forward to it. If you can’t tell, that was sarcasm. I know sometimes you can’t read the personality behind the words. It shouldn’t be too bad, unless they give me the shot in the same spot I had my flu shot today. That might cause some hassles.

I’m scheduled for 10 hours of driving lessons next week. Bleh. I hate the thought of being behind the wheel. Is it safe to let me drive? I don’t know. I mean, I’m “responsible”, but I don’t know if I’ll be good at it. I also can’t guarantee that my drug combination will go with driving.

Ah, and the last thing I’m scheduled for in the next week is an appointment with the Honors program director at UAH. I was invited to be an Honor Student there. That should be pretty awesome. I’ve already looked at the schedule for Honors classes for next semester and the H 399 class is Tolerance in an Age of Persecution. That should be cool to learn about. I’m assuming that it’s about things like witch trials and the Inquisition. I’ve always been interested in those subjects, but I’ve never actually been taught much about them. I’ve pretty much had to teach myself those things. You know, it’ll be cool to be in Honors program at UAH because that’s such a difficult school that being in that program means that you’re pretty darn smart. (My words, not theirs.)

You know how I took 3 and a half years of stuff at A&M, I’ll likely only get credit for 3 of the classes from that time period. I may not get any Spanish credit, but that’s okay because my new FL of interest is German. I took the placement test for it, and shockingly (again, sarcasm) I got a 0 on it. That means I have to start the Intro class in the Fall. I think my dad was a little disappointed. It’s been a long time since he’s taught me anything in German, and no one ever taught me how to read it. I was able to read the passages from the stuff that was on the test, but not the questions. It’s kind of difficult to answer a test properly when you can’t read the question, even if you might otherwise know the answer.

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