Forceful Gratefulness 1

I’ve created my first fundraiser for trying to get the funds together for a trip to Europe. Hopefully, I will be able to get at least some of the money for it from this fundraiser. I don’t expect to be able to raise it all that way. I need to go through some of my stuff, like old clothes and things, and put them on eBay to raise some money, too. Maybe I can get my mom to let me put some of her old stuff on there. Of course, she’ll probably say, “Janet, you need to be more concerned with finishing a degree here than going to Europe to do it.” She always seems to want to talk me out of things like this.

I’ve also set up a PayPal way of donating. If you want to donate, you can donate any amount. It will all go for the trip and trip related expenses. If you don’t want to donate, then that’s fine, too.

Last night, we covered the Sermon on the Mount again in Institute, which was very cool. I got to answer some questions, and share my liberal views with the class, though I didn’t say they were liberal. People seemed to like them, though.

Then, we went to IHOP. It was my first time going there, and it was okay. The food was good, but the service wasn’t all that great. I didn’t get everything I ordered, though I wasn’t charged for the things they didn’t bring. I also was charged a 15% gratuity fee, which I didn’t like. I don’t mind tipping the people who work there, but I don’t feel like I should be forced to pay them via my bill, especially if the service was not up to par. I almost marked through that on my receipt, but I doubt they would have cared when I went to pay that I do not believe in forcing someone to pay for crappy service. (And have you ever noticed how crappy service seems to go hand-in-hand with the forced gratuity? It’s like people believe if they don’t have to work harder for a better tip, then they aren’t going to actually work for it.)

Wow…I just found one of the missionaries who taught me the lessons this last time on Facebook. That’s pretty awesome. I sent a friend request. Maybe he’ll remember who I am.

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