Enough with the video!

Okay, I’ve been on Facebook today, and I have received the same video several times from my friends. I think it’s a lovely video, and I’ve received it before. There’s only one problem with the video, it’s not true. The video tells of an Atheist professor who drops a piece of chalk and God prevents it from shattering to prove to him that God exists. Lovely message, but it didn’t happen. If it had, then this wouldn’t exist. The legend has existed for a very long time, has gone from being in different schools, and with different things that didn’t break.

Before anyone goes and says that I’m being all anti-religious about this, I’m not. I’m just pro-truth. I’m tired of seeing something that is telling us something that isn’t true and being called a true story. It’s not right for us to believe lies just to prove our faith. We shouldn’t have to prove our faith by sending a video like that around. It’s one thing to express yourself, but the video practically says if you don’t prove that you believe in God, that you’re not being a good Christian. That’s not true. I don’t think we gain or lose points with God for not sharing a video.

So basically, if you’re going to send the video around, please do not send it to me anymore, and please attach a disclaimer that it’s not really true, that it’s just a lovely story with a good message.

*steps off soap box*

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