How about Italy?

If I get into UAH, I plan on studying Art and Psychology as my majors, but I was thinking I could have a cognate, too. So I was thinking about Global Studies. It would allow me to study some of the things I can use for my majors, in a useful way. (I mean that if I don’t need a specific class for the majors, but I want to take it, I can now get away with taking it because it will help me out in my cognate.) I’ve looked into the summer programs for Global Studies, and the yearly program goes to Italy for 10-weeks in the summer to study art. There’s also a 2-week thing to go to London for Art and Literary studies. That would be fun. Of course, I don’t know if I could afford it, even with the financial aid.

I’m also looking into joining the Honors program when I get to UAH, assuming I can get back in. If I can get in the Honors program, then that would be nice. Of course, they might think my ACT score is too low, but I would like to point out that a 20 composite score at the age of 12, when you have the flu is probably a pretty good score. It was high enough that at that age, if my schools would have let me go ahead and get my GED, I could have gone to state colleges in a bunch of places. It was also high enough that I knew I didn’t have to retake the test once I got to be a Junior. I was going to retake it, and take the SAT, but then I got sick, went crazy, and dropped out. It turns out you don’t have to take those tests to get into schools when you get your GED. Maybe they think we (the dropouts) aren’t smart enough to take exams to get into college.

There’s a debate tonight? Fun. Of course, if my dad is awake when it’s on, I won’t get to watch it. He doesn’t like Obama, and he refuses to watch anything that has him on it.

Last night, my friends were talking about how they didn’t want to vote for Obama, and how anyone that you voted for, you should be voting based on their Vice-President. Well, I would much rather have a well-rounded, well-educated, experienced VP than someone whose most important things about her are that she was Governor of a very small state (I’m talking about people here, not area…because it’s the people that matter) or that she’s a Hockey Mom. I don’t know how being a Hockey Mom qualifies to be VP or, heaven forbid, President.

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