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Okay, so here is the shot of one of my ears, along with my earrings that I purchased a week ago Thursday. I just love those earrings. They’re so adorable. The only thing that bugs me about them is that they say that they’re “lead safe”. What exactly does that mean? Does it mean that they’ve got like lead in them, but it’s safe. Ah, well, who knows?

Last night was pretty fun. Elenya was home from school for a couple of days so she came to FHE with us. She brought Matthew, her “British friend”. He was pretty nice. I finally got to use the word sardonic in a sentence and found someone who actually knew what it meant. Yay! I love when I get to use big words and people actually know what I’m saying.

I took a lot of pictures of FHE (almost 100) last night and 13 videos. The pictures have been posted on Facebook and Flickr so far, and the videos have only been posted on YouTube. There is a short video of me, and a short clip of me in another video, but I don’t remember which one.

I found out that Jennifer is using my pictures to make photo albums for Caleb while he’s off on his mission, which is awesome. I’m glad I am contributing to something with my obsessive picture taking.

Oh, I briefly scared Elenya last night. She had given me her cell number before she left, but I had forgotten that I hadn’t given her mine. So I sent her a text message during FHE, because I thought that was more appropriate than yelling across the room. Apparently, since she didn’t know who it was from, she started to get a little worried, but I was able to, you guessed it, yell across the room that it was from me. All was good.

I had a lot of fun last night. I wish that Caity and Jamie had been there because they would have made it even more fun with their awesome personalities, but they couldn’t come.

Wow. This was just supposed to be a blog about my awesome new earrings, and here it’s turned into a full on babblefest.

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