Oh Holey Ears 1

Yes, I did it. I got my ears pierced…again. I’m so happy to have them done, and they didn’t hurt too bad when I got them pierced. I guess you do it enough times you don’t feel as much pain or something. I wanted to get a pair of cheap earrings put in, but I had to go with 14-kt. gold ones because of my trusty ears having issues with the cheaper metals. Everything with my new earrings was going great, and I was proudly showing them off, until I ran into someone from church. Then, I quickly hid them. I don’t think my three earrings are a bad thing, but I know some people would disagree. I have a feeling that this person I ran into would be one of them.

I’m waiting on Jenn to call to let me know what our plans are for tonight for Family Home Evening. Hopefully, I’ll get to go. I want to be able to shamefully hide my new earrings from all my friends. No, I won’t hide them. I’ll show them off, and if anyone gives me a problem about it, I’ll just tell them that I like being different.

I have made so many new layouts to put up here, but I keep forgetting to work on the coding part of them. This is why I’m still using a premade one. Hopefully, I will get one of the new ones coded soon, and post it on here.

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