Still Alive 2

Okay, I am still alive, for those of you who wondered. I’m not depressed, though I did appreciate it when I was asked if I was doing okay. 🙂 I am doing fine. I’ve just been offline doing stuff, and trying to download things at the same time.

I went to Institute last night, and before we went to Institute, we went to a mall in town. We went to get Jamie some stuff to wear, which was fun. Then I was able to convince Jenn and Jamie to go in Hot Topic while I searched for Twilight stuff. I got a Twilight shirt with a picture of all the actors portraying the Cullens and, of course, Bella on it. I also got a Paramore journal. Then we went to Earthbound, which was cool because I’d never been there. I got 2 rings for $5, 4 pairs of earrings–on 3 cards (buy 2, get 1 free – $3.95 a piece), and a ballet journal. I liked Earthbound because it reminded me of some of the stores I used to look through online that had to do with New Age stuff and Wicca. We found a Zen Garden, which I tried to explain the purpose of quickly.

I’ve also done some more shopping online–Harry Potter Blu Ray set (years 1-5), a DVD for my Dad for his birthday that I hope he’ll share with me, a Twilight calendar, 2 Twilight posters (it’s not anything more than a healthy love for a book and hopefully a love for the movie) and a Bible for my mom for Christmas. I actually ordered the Bible as a Quad (Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price) in Large Print and Blue/Silver because she gave me her regular version of the same thing when I joined the Church and she needed something larger to read, so I thought she’d appreciate that I was replacing the old one with a new one.

Last night at Institute, after being a bit disheartened by some things said by some people I know about how bad liberals are, we studied chapter 5 of Matthew in the Bible. It’s the Sermon on the Mount, which is something I really needed to read. In case you’ve never read it, it’s interesting because it basically shows that Jesus is a liberal. It’s about love and turning the other cheek, and it was just exactly what I needed. Of course, I couldn’t share my newfound love for this story in the Bible and my reasoning behind it, because, in case you don’t know, my church is not exactly a liberal one. In fact, it’s very conservative, so it kind of makes it difficult to be liberal.

Speaking of being liberal, I took some quizzes online and my scores ranged from Hardcore Democrat to Radical Liberal. (Their words, not mine…and one said I was more liberal than Ted Kennedy.) This is just a few short years after being told by some of the same quizzes that I was just barely liberal. What a difference a few years can make!

Oh, and I am thinking about getting my ears pierced again. I think it would be neat to have three holes in each ear, but I’m not sure I can convince my mom that it would be good the next time I’m at a place where my ears could be pierced again.

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