Interesting Cheers 2

You know, since I know very little Russian, and can read absolutely no Cyrillic, it amazes me that these spammers think they can spam me with Russian stuff and get it through. If I don’t know what you’re saying, how do you expect me to approve it? Then again, these are spammers we’re talking about, they don’t necessarily think.

My dad is currently watching Auburn football. They have some interesting cheers, and since he went there for oh-so-long he knows them all. Of course, it helps that he gets a refresher every fall when football season rolls around.

Five of my books from Doubleday came today. My mom wants to read them, which I don’t think she will be able to do, but she still has a desire to read them. I’m not sure if they’re safe for her to read, though. I know my parents used to screen the content that I got to see and hear, so now I’m going to do that with my books. She might be too young to read some of the stuff. Haha.

I created a new project yesterday. Yes, I know, I have too many projects and not enough of my wonderfully weirdly wired brain to go around, but this one is pretty easy to maintain. I just have to post reviews to it. It’s called Blissfully Sardonic. It already has a few reviews on it. If you have any thoughts on the stuff I review, or on my reviews, please feel free to comment over there.

Blissfully Sardonic gets it’s name from the fact that I’ve found myself to be quite optimistic lately, but I’m still very sarcastic. I randomly called one of our dogs sardonic, just to be silly, and no one knew what it meant so I told them. It didn’t really describe her, since it was about the exact opposite of her personality. (She’s genuinely happy, not bitter or anything.) So I’ve been a bit obsessed with the word sardonic lately. It is my new word and I claim it with all my might.

I’m going to open the floor up for some more questions, since that was so much fun last week. I know I never technically closed the floor, but I think I should post every once in a while that I’m still going to be answering any questions you have. So, please, ask away.

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