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I was thinking as I was trying to go to sleep earlier (to no avail) that I was probably most evident in my need of mental health help when I was in my first year at Alabama A&M. How? Well, I was extremely enthusiastic about a play by Anton Chekhov called “The Cherry Orchard”. It’s supposedly a comedy. If you’ve ever read it, you can see that it is far from comedic. Only a Russian would think it was a comedy, according to some reviews. Well, it does have some moments that make even the most depressed of individuals glad that they are not in the situation that the characters are in. Maybe it was a good thing I read it back then. Maybe I should read it again.

Kind of funny when you think about me possibly going from reading the Twilight series, which has it’s “dark” moments, to Chekhov’s plays which are all about the dark moments. I actually have only read the one play by him, so I don’t know if I should read any of his other plays. I don’t think I have any friends who are into Russian literature and plays. I’m probably a rarity when it comes to that.

I’m sitting here waiting on my SSI to arrive via Direct Deposit. It’s changed banks this month, and I’m used to it being available on the morning of the first. Now, it’s the wee morning of the second, and it’s still not available. I know, I should probably wait until a little later to get nervous, but I can’t help it. I would like to know that my money is there.

I got my tooth filled today. It was an experience. It was a little painful. I think it was mainly the pressure that I thought was so painful, but I don’t know. I wasn’t numbed at all, which may have contributed to the minor bits of pain. I just kind of walked in, sat down, patiently waited for a minute, let them do their thing quickly, then got up and left. It didn’t take long for them to do my filling…it took much longer to do my mom’s filling. Of course, mine was supposedly “small”.

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