Total Recall

I’m almost done with New Moon again. I would have finished it already except I went to FHE last night and watched Passage to Zarahemla. It was okay, nothing to write home about. I kind of faked enthusiasm about it with my friends from church because they seemed to like it so much. It was basically a story about two non-member siblings who had just lost their mother running away from the foster care system in California. The brother was also running away from being in a gang. There was no cussing, which made sense from the point of view that this was a religious movie, but didn’t make sense from the point of view that this was a movie about two otherwise street smart kids. I rated it as a 3/5 stars on my 200 Movies list. So far I’m enjoying the reading aspect of this whole reading/watching movies thing more than I am the watching movies part. Maybe that’s just because I haven’t found any movies that have really piqued my interest.

I worked on my MySpace page today some. I spiced it up a little. The background and everything is still the same boring default stuff that comes with MySpace, but I don’t really care to change that right now. I just thought I could throw in a little of my personality. If I haven’t requested to be your friend yet, then let me know who you are so I can go about requesting on there, or you can request for me, but be sure to let me know on here that you’ve done so since I’m not always on there anymore.

Wow…we’re not watching Gilmore Girls right now. In fact, the TV is not on. I wonder how long we can go without the TV on. I left it off this afternoon so that I could read easier. It was still a little difficult with Willow constantly whimpering for her Mommy, but I thought that as soon as my parents got home her whimpering would be replaced with the sounds of the TV blaring again. Looks like I was wrong. Oh well. I love Gilmore Girls and all, and I don’t like missing it, but if it means that I can have some more peaceful time to myself to read for a little while, then that will be good.

Of course, I won’t have long to read because I’ll be expected to fix supper. I mean, it’s only fair that I do since my mom had the epidural on her back today. Even if she hadn’t, though, I would be expected to fix dinner since it’s practically become my responsibility. I don’t know what my parents would do without me. I feel like they depend on me too much to take care of them, and it really pulls me down. I feel like they want me to be an adult when they want someone taking care of them, then they nag me like I’m a child when they determine that I’m not old enough to be treated like an adult. It really messes with my already fragile mental state.

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