What Just Happened? 1

I was on Twitter, much to the chagrin of some people, writing tweets on the Election 2008 section about the Debate as it happened. It was fun. Some people said they had a drinking game going…I don’t know if they actually had a real one going, but it was interesting.

Did anyone notice that McCain mentioned a lot of places and a lot of people? It felt like a kind of compensation factor? Like maybe he was compensating for the fact that his running mate hasn’t been anywhere and doesn’t know many folks outside of good old Alaska…or maybe that’s just me.

I don’t think anyone truly won that debate. McCain was boring, and Barack was too calm. I think Barack needs to snap back some when McCain gets all snarky, and McCain needs to learn to shut up about his stories. I know he’s lived a long life, but we don’t need to hear about it all. If he wants to tell his story, write a memoir. That’s what normal people with elements of PTSD do.

My dad gave up on the debate a few minutes into it because he doesn’t like the sound of Barack’s voice. I don’t particularly like the sound of McCain’s voice, but I listened. I tried to, at least. I wasn’t going to change my mind about who I was going to vote for, though. I’m stubborn like that.

Now, Giuliani gets to speak for GOP after the Debate? But the Dems picked their VP candidate. Why not let Ms. Palin speak? Or does she still not have a voice? Are they afraid of her? After seeing her get the witchcraft blessing, I could see the basis for a little fear, but that’s beside the point. Oh, what does Giuliani know about foreign policy? He’s not got that much. He was mayor. I know, NYC has the UN, but most of the people who work for the UN that would have anything to do with foreign policy probably have Diplomatic Immunity.

I do have to give McCain credit for using the word “existential”, though he doesn’t use it properly, he did use the word. Anytime there is a philosophy reference, I smile a little smile.

Oh, I’m still taking questions about myself, which I should answer sometime this weekend.

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