Busy Work 1

I’m currently doing “busy work”, which includes making fanlisting codes for Dammit Janet. I thought that Jef might not mind a sudden addition of codes, and I definitely wouldn’t mind some of my interests being displayed through codes. So I’m going through some of my favorite pictures and making them, to keep my mind occupied.

I have to call Jennifer after while to make sure we’re still on to go to Institute tonight. I think we’re supposed to go together. We pretty much always do, so if not, then I’m going to be stuck at home. I wouldn’t mind being at home, except I really like going to Institute, as weird as that might sound.

I’m tired of responding to emails that are blatantly targeted at getting me to get mad, so I’ve decided to just stop. No more responses to people who I know are just trying to get me all riled up. As of this second, I am not going to concern myself with those emails any longer. Let’s see how long I can maintain this newfound sense of freedom.

I need to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix today before I have to take it back to the video store. I had rented it last week, but there was something wrong with the DVD so they let me have another copy for “free” for another rental period. My dad will be itching to watch I Am Legend, so I’ll have to let him watch that. I kind of wanted to see that, but not too incredibly much that I’ll be upset if I miss it.

I lost my headache diary from the headache doctor. I know, story of my life, losing things that I should be able to easily keep up with. But, on the bright side, if they ask me how my headaches have gone, I can honestly tell them that I haven’t had a migraine since a couple of days after I started taking the new medicine. Of course, I still have tension headaches and TMJ problems, but that’s to be expected. The medicine was just meant to get rid of the migraines so that they could start to explore the root of the problem, which is the fact that I have way too many headaches for a single person.

I got two books from Doubleday yesterday, which I will read after I read the Twilight books all the way through. One is Book of Lies and the other is The 19th Wife. I’m looking forward to reading them, especially since they’re more grown up than what I’ve read in a while. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the Twilight books, but, at the same time, I’m also 24 and I have to read things for grown ups, too. I know, I know. I don’t act like a grown up, but that’s not the point. I have to be a grown up, regardless of if I act like one or not.

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