Daily Archives: September 22, 2008

I’m still floating on cloud nine from the news. I got the email today letting me know that the contract has been sent. Yay! I’m so looking forward to it. I’ve been inspired to finish a little more of the book, but I’m taking it a bit slowly, so that I don’t screw it up. I want it to be good. I would hate to get the chance to publish a book, and it to come out and suck. This is a little bit of a nerve-wracking experience. I have FHE tonight. That should be fun. I hope Jennifer feels better. She’s been a bit blue, and I’m worried about her, but I know she’s a strong person. She’s just going through something that will be a bit rough for a while. She’ll pull through, though. And I think being around our friends will be a good thing for her. I have this feeling that I should be going around doing cartwheels or something, but I have this knowledge that I would fall on my butt and break something if I tried to do that. I mean, I have never been able to do cartwheels because of the klutziness. Wow. Did you know that WP actually recognizes klutziness as a word? That’s good to know. I went to a mini-conference over the weekend in Nashville. It was interesting. I got to see Corey, a friend who used to be down here over the summer, and now is back in the Nashville area. I took a bunch of pictures. I rode with some people that I don’t usually talk to, and that was quite an experience. I got to know them a little better, and I think I made some new friends. They were interesting. They were also very different from me, but I’ve kind of gotten used to the differences. I missed church yesterday, but it was for a legitimate reason. My grandmother was in the hospital. She still is. She’s got some kind of stomach problem, but she doesn’t know what’s wrong. I was almost too worried about her to go to Nashville, but she told me that I had to go. She always tries to make sure I do what’s best for me, which is good thing.

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