I Read Fast, I Guess 4

Well, I got the three books of the Twilight saga (remember, Twilight itself did not come because it was backordered) that I knew would definitely be coming on Thursday, and I was unable to stop myself from reading them. I read them in three days. Yeah, I read New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn in Three Days. It was like they were some sort of drug that I couldn’t get enough of and I just had to keep reading them. Now that I don’t have anymore new Twilight books to read, it’s a bit depressing. Maybe when my copy of Twilight comes out, I’ll feel good again. Then, I can read them ALL again. Yes, I do plan on reading them all again, in order, just to get the experience completely perfect.

So what did I think? I LOVED them. I thought they were brilliant. I reviewed them all for Amazon.com, and personally, I thought that all the bad reviews for Breaking Dawn were utter crap. I know people thought Bella was too young for her outcome, but how long did they expect her story to drag out? And I know they also thought there was too much “Mormon morality” in them. That is NOT true. The only character who seemed to be anything close to what I’m used to experiencing from a church member is Edward. I know it’s weird that the vampire would be the closest to being the really in touch with the morals of the church, but he just seemed to be very old-fashioned, which is something I’ve noticed a lot in my male friends from church. As for Bella’s decision in Breaking Dawn that people thought was as a result of Meyer’s religious faith, I can say from my Gospel Principles book that her decision would actually have possibly been in conflict with the church’s stance on that particular issue. I know, I’m not stating what the issue is, but I don’t feel like putting up a thousand spoiler warnings in case someone wants to read my blog, then read the books, without being spoiled. Of course, it is very difficult to NOT know what happened in the books.

Next month, I was going to order four of the seasons of Gilmore Girls so I could go ahead and complete my collection, but I’ve decided against it, instead opting to order more Twilight stuff. You see, I have this small obsession thing going for that series. It’s not a bad thing…just something that’s a me thing I guess.

I got to have a movie night with my family last night. We watched Speak, which we’d already seen before, In the Land of Women, and Live Free or Die Hard. Speak was VERY good. I thought it was just absolutely brilliant. In the Land of Women was pretty good, not as great as Speak, but it was okay. Live Free or Die Hard was utter crap. I swear that movie was just awful. I could not stand it. I was writing about it the whole time that we were watching it, so that I could write a detailed review on Amazon. Well, I came up with a page and a half of stuff I didn’t like about it. Well, maybe just a page. I did like Justin Long’s performance…and I was very happy to see Kevin Smith, though I much prefer him behind the camera.

I think I’m going to see if I can rent some movies today, and have another movie night tonight. I know it’s Family Home Evening again, but I thought it would be nice to have one with my own family again. I’ll miss my friends, but they’ll understand. If there’s one thing that members of the church understand, it’s being in a good relationship with your family.

I ordered that bookmark so that I could have it for the book reading festivity thing. Well, I lost the bookmark before I even got the book. Then every bookmark I could come up with, which weren’t even real bookmarks, would disappear. It was crazy. It’s like there was some kind of sucking vortex that kept sucking my placeholders into the oblivion so that I could not do the thing I wanted to do most these past few days…read.

I love reading. Have I ever said that? I do. I like sitting there with a book in my lap and just absorbing whatever situation I’ve just started reading about like I’m a sponge in water. It’s just really so intriguing to take on the world through the eyes of the author and the characters that he or she has written. It makes me glad that we are given imaginations. I makes me grateful that for whatever reason we can come up with these brilliant thoughts that make us able to entertain others.

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