I’ve Never Been There, But I Could Have 3

I’m wearing my Harvard shirt today, and for some reason it is making me feel smarter. I mean, I know that I am smart. I know that I act like a total ditz sometimes, but I am actually very smart. I could have gone to Harvard except for two little problems. One, they don’t look highly on high school dropouts, even ones who have their GED. Two, they also expect payment, and I, at no time in my life, could afford that particular school. Of course, I never really wanted to go there. I wanted to go to Yale. I thought about going to Johns Hopkins, NYU, or Columbia. It would have been cool to go to one of those schools. People look highly on people who go to one of those schools.

Instead, I chose Alabama A&M. Why? I could say it was just the cost, but that’s not the complete truth. I started having panic attacks thinking about going to a school further from home. So I stayed at home part time, stayed in the dorm part time, and cut down dramatically on the cost of going to a therapist. At least there was an upside to this whole staying at home thing. 😉

Yesterday I got my first season of Gilmore Girls DVD set and the soundtrack of the show. Now I can dorkily watch the show and listen to some of the music featured on it. Is dorkily even a word? I know Safari is looking at me and laughing because I have used the “word” dorkily so many times. Who cares? At least if it isn’t a word, I made up a funny sounding word.

So, I’m trying to find more people who aren’t thrilled by the appointment of Sarah Palin to be the possible next VP of the country. It’s kind of hard because when you try to search for blogs that don’t like her, you end up finding people that do like her ragging on the people who don’t. You know, calling us sexists and backward thinking. Um, last time I checked, I was a pretty big feminist, and the reason that I’m so “backward thinking” is that I’m thinking about the welfare of her child. Many experts would agree that staying out such a short period of time when you have a special needs child is NOT the best thing to do. Of course, you can’t always trust people to do what is in the best interest of their children.

Speaking of which, why not try and convince her daughter that she could have her baby, but give it up for adoption? I know that they’re pro-life and pro-family, but does a seventeen year old really need to be raising a child? What about a family that doesn’t have children? There’s a pretty good chance that Miss Palin is going to have a chance at having other children, but she won’t have another shot to have a normal set of teen years. She’s rushing into a marriage when she can’t even vote yet.

You know what’s really weird about that whole situation? If it was a liberal/Democratic candidate’s daughter doing something similar, the Republicans would point and say that she’s too immature to have a kid. Instead, an immature Republican girl is being glorified as a saint for not having an abortion when she could have, totally disregarding the fact that she acted very irresponsibly and has done something that is so against what her party believes in. Shouldn’t the daughter of someone who may end up being the most powerful Republican woman show the world what a good example of being a Republican daughter entails? How could she have done that? Oh, I don’t know, but maybe starting with not getting pregnant in the first place. Of course, her mother didn’t seem to realize that by having children after the age of 35, she was greatly increasing their risk of having severe problems.

I’m so glad that Auburn just won. I was hoping that they could shutout Southern Miss so that I could brag in front of my Alabama fan friends that at least Auburn hasn’t been scored on yet this season, but, alas, I couldn’t. Instead, I’ll just have to point out that it took them 2 games to have as many points scored on them as Alabama had scored on them in their first game.

I’ve uploaded more pictures to Flickr. I’ll probably upload them to MFP soon, so that they’ll show on my blog. I know, I could just have them show at Flickr and have them automatically show over here through widgets, but that is not how I roll. I want to have a family photo album separate from my flickr account. Does that make any sense?

Ugh. I wish my Twilight books would come so that I can read it already. Of course, I’m also hoping that my bookmark that I ordered off eBay will come, too. It would be nice to be able to mark the pages in style. By in style, I mean that I do not want to use whatever is handy to mark them.

I need to go through my links and see what the people I like to read have said recently. I’ve been so obsessed with getting new stuff that I’ve forgotten about the bloggingverse. I know that means I’ve been “bad”, but I just feel like I’m so behind on EVERYTHING that I need to catch up right this second.

My arm is doing better, which is a good thing. I thought it would hurt forever because the last time I pulled a muscle in my arm, it hurt for like 6 weeks. This time it was only really painful for a few days. Maybe I didn’t hurt it as bad as I thought. I sure hope I didn’t.

Tomorrow is Fast Sunday. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it means that it’s the first Sunday of the month and we go without the first two meals on it. Luckily, it also means that as a YSA, we break the fast together and have a meal tomorrow afternoon. It’s actually kind of fun. Well, the meal is a lot of fun, but the fasting part is not as much fun. I have to eat a little bit at breakfast to keep from getting sick from my Effexor.

I need to start working on the cake I have to take tomorrow. We’re supposed to each either bring something to drink or something for dessert. I decided to bring something called Caramel Nut Cake. It’s a chocolate cake with caramel in it. It looks like it should be pretty easy to make. I also have to make something for Monday night for Family Home Evening. What shall I make for that? Well, I was planning on making dips and taking chips, but I decided against that. Instead, I am going to make something called Cookie in a Cloud and a kind of fudge covered brownies. Should be yummy.

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    I’ve never read Twilight, but I see that it’s all the rage. Waiting for things from eBay is a pain because you want it so bad, but it takes forever.

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