Stop and Stare 1

I received my first packages from Alloy and Amazon today. All the clothes that came today fit. Yay! If you want to see them, they have all been posted here in separate blog entries. If you don’t feel like sifting through those twelve entries, then go to my Flickr and check them out. They’re so purty. 🙂 I also, like I said, got my shipment from Amazon today which contained the OneRepublic, Katy Perry, and Metro Station CDs. Yay.

So why do I shop online and through catalogs instead of in stores? You get a lot better deals in catalogs and online sometimes than you do in stores. And when you’re looking for a specific size that doesn’t come in stores offline, then it is better to do your shopping online where you may have to send the clothes back if they don’t fit than to be so disappointed when you go to a real store and find clothes that definitely do not fit.

My mom checked with me to make sure I didn’t “overspend”, which according to my estimates from how she described how much money I should have saved, then I didn’t. I spent the exact right amount. Of course, I got loads of stuff. All it takes is a keen eye to the sales and you can get a lot of stuff in just a few short purchases.

I’ve wondered if I have a shopping addiction, but I don’t think I do. I think I know when to stop. Of course, that’s usually when I reach my limit of how much I can spend. But I rarely overdraw my account, so I think I’m doing a bang up job. Don’t you?

I can’t wait until my other stuff gets here. I still have 6 DVDs, 1 CD, 1 sweater, 6 books, 1 bookmark, and some shirts that I ordered that haven’t gotten here yet. They should be here soon.

Columbia House can’t give me my information about the overcharge on the DVDs yet because they said I didn’t give them enough information on their form. They wanted my full address to match up my account. So I sent it. It’ll be another two days to find out why they double charged me. At least it was only $2.45 too much, but still $2.45 is a lot when you haven’t had a lot of money. (Or any money.)

I pulled a muscle in my arm last night. Ugh! How? Well, I was changing clothes, and it just happened. Very painful. Maybe it’ll feel better soon, or so I hope.

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