Why Do They Even Care? 1

Welcome to the wonderful world of people who shouldn’t care do, and people who should care don’t. Apparently, when I did a search of some keywords related to the recent sentence of Benito Albarran, his case isn’t well known among activists for the abolition of the death penalty. It is, however, known to those who want to rid the country of illegal immigrants. They (the activists) wanted to execute him pretty much for just being here and committing a crime. Let’s forget the facts here. First of all, he has been described by doctors as being mildly retarded. Second of all, he has also been diagnosed as mentally ill. Now, just in case you haven’t read anything about the death penalty and who its okay to execute lately, it is not okay to execute anyone who is mentally retarded…and in a way, you’re not supposed to kill the mentally ill either.

How do I feel?

Well, I’ve never been pro-death penalty. I’ve always hated it. I believe the only being who should be able to determine if a person should die is God. Now, if God chooses to send a lightning bolt or something after Benito Albarran for killing the police officer 3 years ago, then He can do that. However, a state, a judge, or 12 people, who apparently didn’t pay attention to the facts of the trial, should not get the opportunity to kill a man for his crimes. I know he did it, but that doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t get executed for committing a crime, especially if you’re not necessarily in control.

He claimed to basically be possessed, so his attorneys tried for Not Guilty by Reason of Mental Disease or Defect. He thought that he was the Devil. Now, does that sound like something a sane man would say? No. I know that there is not really an official test that is 100% reliable to see if someone is “crazy”, but there are tests to see if a person is mentally retarded, and his results came back that he was.

Of course, I know to some that doesn’t matter because he’s an illegal immigrant and therefore “has no rights as a human being”. Well, he does. Everyone has rights. You can deny it to kingdom come, but it’s true. We are born with inalienable rights no matter where we’re born or where our official country of residence is.

And why is it that the judge in Albarran’s case just flat out ignored that the man is retarded? I don’t really have any answer to that. I do know that, even if he didn’t get an automatic appeal, she just guaranteed him one. Maybe even a new trial, if other judges don’t do the same thing ignoring that he’s got some brain problems. Oh, and she ignored that a juror lied. Was that even responsible?

I just wish we lived in a country where things like the death penalty were abolished, where people were more concerned about the well-being of their neighbor than getting rid of people who came here “illegally” by any and all means necessary.

Having nothing to do with this post: Oh, and by being called sexist by the group of women who say that I have to like Palin ’cause she’s a woman, just further infuriates me. They’re all for making statements about Obama because he’s got little or no experience, but they don’t see the same things in Palin. They also don’t see how other women could be a bit ticked off that the alternative to Obama basically another 4 years of something we don’t even like NOW. I don’t see why I should have to fake a smile about a woman who I don’t think I would even like if I met her, considering that she supports everything I abhor (gun rights, etc.) and just seems fake, but maybe that’s the beauty queen in her ticking off the feminist in me.

Oh, another thing that has nothing to do with the initial post, is that my clothes from 2 places have come. Three pairs of jeans fit, but five did not, even though they were ALL the same size and from the same brand. The three bras did not fit, even though they’re the same size as some I have now that do fit. I am still waiting on my clothes from Alloy, and my other purchases from other places. I have to quit shopping because I need to have some money in the bank when my next bank statement comes. I have a feeling that when my mom sees all the stuff I have purchased, she’s going to demand that I give up my check cards. She finally let me have them back, after taking them away for three years, and she’s going to get so upset by my purchases, but I haven’t had the opportunity to actually buy things for myself in a year and a half, except for groceries. I don’t think I’ve gone overboard, and I may send some of the clothes back that I ordered because they probably won’t all fit. I am keeping the DVDs (Gilmore Girls and an enrollment package from CH), CDs (Metro Station, GG soundtrack, OneRepublic, and Katy Perry), and books (the Twilight saga, another Stephanie Meyer book, and a cookbook) I ordered. I know it’s going to tick my mom off, but I just had to get the stuff.

Oh, and one more thing, has anyone ever joined Columbia House DVDs? I just joined and they double charged by check card for the enrollment. It was only $4.90 total, but it was a little unnerving that they would charge me $2.45 twice. I get it if it didn’t go through the first time, but it went through the first time, so it’s a bit weird to me. I sent them an email asking them what was up, but they haven’t told me yet. Of course, I only did that this morning ’cause it only happened this morning. I would like them to explain it to me quickly though because I don’t like having a lack of control over my funds.

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