I Would Like to Introduce 1

I would like to introduce the world to five new message boards. I know, you’re probably thinking “Janet, did you not take your meds? You just said 5 boards!” Well, they’re different…sort of.

They’re “open”, but they need themes and suggestions.

Societe Board – a board for those 20+
No More Bedlam – a psych/mental health board
Digitalized Scrappers – a forum for digital scrapbookers
Kiss My Tiara – a board for those 18+
The Water Cooler – a board for those 16+

And Celestial has officially closed.

About Janet Morris

I'm from Huntsville, Alabama. I've got as many college credits as a doctorate candidate, and the GPA of some of them, too. I have a boss by the name of Amy Pond. She's a dachshund. My parents both grew up in Alabama.

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