So Close to Time 1

I don’t know if I’ll be posting tomorrow since it’s the 21st and my blog crossposts to LJ. (If you’re not familiar with what’s going on, then it would take forever to explain.) Anyway…I don’t really want to post this weekend, especially not on Sunday, which as many of you know is Easter. It’s also the day my family and I sit down and watch the Omen movies.

Why? Well, they’re actually kind of a religious movie for us. I know you’re thinking, “but they’re about satan’s spawn”, but they’re not. I mean, they are, but they’re not. They’re about more than that. They build up to the birth of a Christ child, which would probably go more with Christmas, but we like to watch them on Easter. My mom thought we watched the first one plus the first two Exorcist movies, but I had to remind her that we watch the whole series, usually sans the 4th one ’cause, let’s face it, it’s crappy. We also don’t watch the latest one because it’s just like the first one. I don’t have to rent them anymore because I bought them at the end of 2006 with Christmas money.

Speaking of religion, I’ve noticed a lot of people taking interest in talking about religious stuff lately on message boards, which is fun, but at the same time, it can be dangerous. I talk about my religious beliefs freely because that’s how I was raised. I’m a Gnostic Christian, which is different from being a “regular” Christian in that I’m not really into preaching or going to church. It’s also not an active religion anymore. Most of the religious practitioners of Gnosticism died out back in the 300’s. It’s very liberal and fun. It teaches that we should learn, and, despite what my film production teacher said, I doubt I’ll go to Hell for believing in it. He told me that it was close to Catholicism, which is not true. I’m not going to say anything bad about Catholicism, but I will say Gnosticism is NOT like it. I’m also not saying that Catholics will go to Hell. Some might, but not all of them. I don’t really believe that everyone who believes differently from me will go to Hell. I think that believing that only one way is the right way is a frightening way to think.

Tomorrow is Bad Friday. That’s what I call Good Friday because I don’t see executions, even predestined ones, as being good. I don’t celebrate GF and I don’t wear a cross because I choose to look at the teachings of Christ and not the death of Him. I know, the death is what brings us “peace” or so so many people profess, but it doesn’t give me personally any peace to know someone died to “save” us.

I actually ate another real lunch today. I had some tuna salad. I had to eat something with fat in it so that my body could process the vitamins I had to take. My body may quit digesting food soon because I’m not taking in enough, plus my bile acids are binding to the Colestid, which keeps them from processing food, and my stomach acids don’t combine with the food until late in the digestion process, so they don’t “eat up” the food.

Tomorrow is my appointment with the new psychiatrist for my psychiatric evaluation. I get to find out if I have 4 diagnoses or if I’ve got fewer or more than that. Right now I have the spaghetti test diagnosis thing going on (where you throw some against the wall and if it’s done, it sticks). I may not have Schizoaffective Disorder the next time I write on here. I may be Bipolar or I may be Schizophrenic. I will not have Dissociative Identity Disorder (f.k.a. Multiple Personality Disorder), that I know for sure.

I am getting so sick of going on some sites that are pro-Obama. I may end up voting for him IF he wins the nomination, but I don’t want him to be the nominee. He is NOT qualified. I’m sorry, but a man who doesn’t even support his own bills is not worthy of being called qualified. That’s like if I said I wanted to run for Congress because I was in SGA in school. I’m not qualified (or old enough), and I don’t think he is qualified either. And, it would be dangerous to have him in office, not because of what he might do to the country, but because of what someone in the country could do to him. Has anyone ever looked at the color of his skin and then looked at the number of anti-black hate groups there are in this country STILL? His life would be in more danger than any President since Lincoln.

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