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I’ve been looking into grad schools lately, for once I graduate from school, and I realize that I have a lot of options. That’s a good thing. Of course, I’m a bit scared, but watching Gilmore Girls today helped me realize that that’s probably pretty common. I know it’s fake, but someone real wrote those words, so maybe they went through the same issues of leaving home.

Oh well, I guess, I should let y’all know some big news. I got into UAH. I got my letter today, though I’ve known since I called yesterday to basically ask what was taking so long. I will be studying Psychology at the hardest to get into school in town, and I am applying for scholarships there. (For those of you who didn’t know, I was on full scholarship at my previous school for being white–it was a black school, until my last year, but I was also using student loans to cover the cost of fees and such.)

I think I’m going to minor in French or Women’s Studies. I can’t decide which one. I know I’m going to take French classes, and maybe some Russian and Italian. I love languages. I tried to learn French and Italian when I was younger, but I lost the records for the Italian and I dropped out of high school before I finished learning much French. (Of course, my dad was a French major, so he’s spoken to me in it since I was a baby, but I can only understand it a little since I’ve had no formal education in it.) I’m really good with languages, though. I picked up Spanish pretty quickly, before I forgot it all. (Bad teachers make you forget easily.)

I would just like to state that I LOVE Ranee’s version of this theme. It’s so pretty. I would have changed the colors on this theme, but I was a bit lazy when I put it up. I just hope it doesn’t become trendy all of a sudden and certain people HAVE to have it.

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