Fine 2

My mom is fine. She’s better than fine. She’s really good. I’m so glad. While she was getting checked out, the doctor took some pictures of her pouch from the surgery. It’s so little. When I saw it, I was like, “Mine can’t be that small.” She and I have decided that since I’m getting sick almost every time I eat that I should eat less, which is not to say that I eat much…it’s just with protein-filled things, they tend to take up more space. It took me about 3 hours today to eat some chicken tenders. Of course, chicken has always given me some trouble.

I’ve got to cook dinner tonight, which is not something I look forward to. I don’t mind cooking from recipes, but I’m not cooking from recipes tonight…I’m cooking from freezer and boxes and cans. At least it’s not a Hamburger Helper night. I absolutely cannot cook that stuff. Gourmet foods, yes, but not easy stuff like HH.

I got another book in the mail today. I have one that I’m waiting on that I ordered with money from my aunt. Actually, I’m waiting for a couple. It just occurred to me today that I’m going to have to prepare my brain to read. It’s one thing to sit and listen to music, but you actually have to have energy to read. I’m afraid that with my depression getting worse, I won’t have the energy to read.

I think I screwed up when I talked a bit about Second Life to my dad. Now, he’s on it all the time. I would much rather play the Sims 2. It doesn’t require interacting with people, and ending up in sex clubs. (Don’t ask.)

I really need to call Jenny. She was supposed to have a Christmas present for me. I thought she was going to call me for my Urban Society notes before the finals, but I didn’t hear from her. She might have called my cell phone, which was disconnected…and lost.

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