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I checked the IP article about me that was mentioned in the comments last time. If that’s what they want to do with their time, then fine. I’m sick of arguing with people who have nothing better to do with their time than pick on others. As for their comments about wishlists not being worth anything, I would seriously doubt that. I’ve just come from the mailbox with presents from people online, and from family members who wouldn’t otherwise know what to get me. It also allows me the chance to find things, put them on the list, and, if I have money, go back and buy them. Oh well, I guess I should just go back to being a whiny ho, which is weird ’cause I’ve never had sex, so how would I have gone about selling myself?

I have to do dressing again for Christmas. Apparently, I did too good of a job. I would let my aunt do it, but I don’t want her to end up having to do everything and it isn’t that hard.

We got a Christmas card from the pharmacy. I guess when you have 2 people in a family that have like 10 prescriptions a piece, then you’re pretty good customers, especially when a couple of those prescriptions are over $500 for a month. (Psych pills are expensive.)

Jenn, I got a package from Amazon from you. I wanted to thank you. I haven’t unwrapped it yet because I’m trying to save my packages for Christmas. That way I have something to open on Christmas morning.

I need to call my psychiatrist before he goes to India for almost a month. He changed my Abilify prescription without telling me to once a day. I can’t do that. It’s one of the few drugs that I know I CAN’T do without. Whenever I miss it, I see stuff…all kinds of weird stuff. They’re interesting, but I hate hallucinations.

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