Baby, It’s Not Cold Outside 6

It’s been like seventy degrees here today. Why is it so warm in December? I hate having to turn on the air conditioner because of the weather. I would like for it to snow. I would like to be able to cuddle under the blankets and just feel all seasonal, but no. I have to wear a freakin’ tank top and shorts to keep from burning up.

My foot was feeling better, but now it’s not. I tried a heat pack on it yesterday, but that just loosened it up a little. It didn’t get rid of the pain.

Final exams start this week. I have one tomorrow and one on Thursday, and I may have one on Wednesday. I need to e-mail DeLois and ask her if my film teacher said anything after I left class. I couldn’t wait any longer on Wednesday. I mean, my dad wouldn’t leave me up there, but he’d probably be pissed if I didn’t show up outside before 3:40, especially when my class ends at 3:20.

My aunt called today with plans for Christmas. She also wanted me to send her my list. I sent it to her, and I didn’t ask for chocolate. 😛 I asked for some CDs and DVDs.

Please, no matter who you are, or how well or not so well I get along with you, go join Celestial and post. I just renewed the domain, so put it to good use. I posted a half a gazillion (or so it seemed) challenges for avatars, themes, and signatures.

What’s with all the shootings lately? First, the one in Omaha, and now the ones in Colorado. What is going on with people? It really makes a person feel more agoraphobic.

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6 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Not Cold Outside

  • Manda
  • Jenn

    I just wanted to say good luck with your final exams! 🙂

    Also, it has been cold here. I really wish the weather here was mild, because we have about ten gallons of propane to last us until next Friday, when we got our next fill up. I’m worried that we’ll run out and wind up freezing. 🙁

  • Julia

    WOW, I wish it was that warm here in Wisconsin. Right now the temp says 19 degrees and we’re supposed to get MORE snow tonight. Wanna trade places? 🙂

    Good luck on your exams!

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