I fell last night and hurt my foot. It’s a bit swollen. I probably sprained it. It didn’t hurt at all for a few minutes after I hurt it, but that’s typical of a sprain. (I’m quite the expert in spraining my ankles.) I just keep hurting myself unintentionally. You know, it’s one thing when you can control the pain, but when you just accidentally hurt yourself, that’s a completely different subject.

I think I’m supposed to do some stuff for school this weekend, but I don’t know if my teacher will accept it because it’ll be a tad bit late. I was supposed to do some article critiques for a class and I kept forgetting about them. I don’t really like doing them for this particular teacher because he has a specific format that he requires that is like super-hard.

I made the list for Alpha Kappa Mu, the National Honor Society, but I missed the informational meeting. It was the Monday before Thanksgiving at 7:30 pm. That would have required me to travel back to campus, which is like an hour ride from home, and back home. It also would have made me miss Heroes, which is not something I want to do, especially with the strike going on and not knowing when the show will be back on the air.

I ordered two books from Amazon yesterday on how to write Chick Lit. I have plenty of ideas, but I need some structure. I know I can write the stories, but it may take me twice as long to write a story as it does other people because of the craziness that goes on in my head. I get inspired one day, and then feel down in the dumps the next.

I have to talk to my psychiatrist about some things the next time I go to visit him. I’ve been chewing on my clothes when I get bored, which my mom says is something psychiatric. The only things that I could find on doing that were Autism, Tourette’s, and Down’s Syndrome. I seriously doubt that I have any of those.

I’ve been awake since 4:30 this morning, but I didn’t get up until about 45 minutes ago. I couldn’t sleep well with the pain, and I didn’t want to get up because the pain is worse when I walk around. I dread taking the dogs out for their walk because of the foot pain.

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