Creative Burst 4

Thanks to Kat, I have been inspired to try and make some themes that look different from the ones I’ve been making. I just need some time and the energy to try something new. I came up with dozens of ideas the past two nights, and I hope I’m able to accomplish at least some of them.

There is one issue. Usually when I get more creative, it precedes an episode where my thoughts start racing. That means I might be getting manic. It’d be a change from the depression, but it isn’t something that I’m looking forward to. If I become manic, then the delusions will start back, so I’m not looking forward to that.

I had my psychiatrist appointment today. He had my blood test results. I had 25 ug/ml. You’re supposed to have between 50 and 150 for it to be truly therapeutic. It had been 47 the last time I had it checked, and that was before I had my dosage increased from 750mg to 1000mg. Now, I’m on 2000mg. The pharmacist had to get out her calculator to see if that much Depakote was healthy for me to have. She did her calculations, and it was fine. I start increasing my dosage tonight. I’m supposed to take 1500mg tonight and tomorrow night, then go up the next night. I dread it because the pills are huge. I can’t imagine having to take 4 of them at one time.

I wonder where The Departed is. It was supposed to come today. According to the site, it left the local UPS place at 6:42 am. It’s 5:05 pm. It should have gotten here already. I wish UPS would be consistent with when they come down here to do deliveries. Sometimes, it’s here before 10:00 am. Sometimes, it doesn’t get here until almost 6:00 pm. I was hoping that it would come while we were at the psychiatrist’s office so that it wouldn’t disturb the dogs. Well, it would disturb them, but they wouldn’t all run to the door, which is what they’re going to do when it comes.

I found out something neat today, I can make money if I refer people to use DreamHost as their host. It’s a really great company. Their support staff is friendly and efficient. Their plans are huge. (I pay $19.95 a month for 453 GB of space, and the space increases by 2 GB every week.) They’re rarely down, and when there is going to be some downtime, they post a note on the status page. I really hope that maybe some of you will choose to change to DreamHost. If you sign up, then you can refer people and make money for yourself.

I got 2 birthday cards today. One from my aunt and the other from my Nana. Each had a $50 check. I’m not sure what to spend the money on yet. I probably shouldn’t buy any CDs since I got like 15 at Christmas (with money I was given) and I haven’t listened to them yet. I want to get the Season 1 DVDs of Criminal Minds. They’re $41 on I could get something else off my wishlist.

I’m still looking for help for the fansites. Please help out if you like Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Orlando Bloom, Sophia Bush, Shane West, Heath Ledger, Hayden Christensen, Rose McGowan, Holly Marie Combs, Ashlee Simpson, or Jennifer Garner. You don’t have to help out with all of them. I just need some help getting together the content and the photos/screen captures. I’ve done most of the caps that need to be done for the Orlando Bloom site (just have Haven and Dead Man’s Chest to do). I’ve also done a lot of caps for Shane West Online. Please help out in any way that you can.

FPS is 6 years old today. Most people wouldn’t keep a domain for that long, but I plan on having it as long as I can.

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  • Marie

    I don’t mind large pills so much. What I do mind is large pills that taste nasty. My Lamictal is like that and sometimes it gets stuck in my mouth or throat, and that sucks.

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