Poked and Prodded 3

As part of my treatment plan, I have to have blood drawn every so often. I had to have regular blood tests done (CBC, CMP, B12, Valproic Acid level, and TSH). Yesterday was my day to do this. I sat in the waiting room for like 45 minutes. It was cold outside, so apparently, I got cold while I was walking in from the car. When I was finally called back, they couldn’t find a vein. This isn’t unusual for me because my veins like to roll. I’ve had people stick me multiple times, and in various places–my arm, the top of my hand, the palm of my hand, and my foot. The first lab person decided she couldn’t do it just by looking at my arms. The second was supposed to be the better one, so she had to do it. (She was also the only person left.) She tried to stick me in my arm, but the vein rolled. She finally hit it as she pulled the needle out. I suggested she use my hands (only the top, the palm thing is a never again experience). She said my hands were too cold and that’s why my blood vessels weren’t showing up, so she handed me a heat pack and I had to sit for about 10 minutes. When she came back to do the bloodwork, she still couldn’t find a vein, so she had to smack my hand a few times. Eventually, a vein popped up and she stuck me. I didn’t bleed much, but apparently she got enough blood for the tests. I’ve uploaded 2 pictures of the bruises on my hand and arm. I hope that they’re good enough quality.

I was going to sign up for a pay per post thing today, but apparently, you have to have more posts in the past 90 days than I’ve had. You also can’t go more than 30 days without posting. I don’t know if that’s in the history of the blog, or if that’s in the past 90 days. I guess I can try to sign up in a few weeks when I’ve had more posts. I really need the money.

I started adding all the associates and affiliate programs that I joined with Shane West Online, so please go visit the places that are up and do some shopping. I REALLY NEED this money. We are really broke right now. I have some money to spend, but I’m the only one. I would be giving this money to my parents.

I’m in the process of working on some new themes for this place. I can’t decide if I’m going to change the default theme once I get them done. So far, I have the coding and layouts done for 10 new Heroes themes and 3 new Criminal Minds themes. I just have to upload them. I don’t know when I’ll be doing that.

Weird. I just tried going to the site of someone who I thought I had a friendly relationship, and it said I was banned. I don’t know what I did to get banned. I was friendly with her most of the time, except when she had a squabble with Tasha on Celestial. That was the only time there were really any cross words between us, and that was a couple of years ago. I was able to visit her site for a long time after that, but now, I guess I’m banned. If I knew how to get in contact with the girl, I’d ask her why.

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  • Marie

    I have GREAT veins in my right arm. My left arm is awful. Every time I get stuck in that arm, I end up with a huge bruise. I will only let them take blood from my right one. I bet it sucks for you! It can be painful when they don’t and can’t do it right.

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