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Little Children
Little Children by Tom Perrotta
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Little Children is a satire of life in the suburbs. It involves a romantic affair between two stay-at-home parents. It also has a storyline about a pedophile who has moved into the neighborhood.

Many of the actions of the people in the book seem childish. Excluding people because of behavior on the playground is just one example of the childish behavior of some of the characters. Everyone is very self-involved. The parents don’t even really think about the well-being of their children because they are so concerned with their own lives. It doesn’t matter what is going on, the problems of the adults are always more important than the problems of the children.

The strongest character in this Sarah. She’s the lead character. She is involved in an affair with Todd. She struggles between her past life where she was a happy woman involved in a relationship with another woman and her current life where she’s married to a man she doesn’t really love and involved with a man who she knows deep down will never leave his wife for her.

I think one of the best things about this book is that you don’t know if you can trust the Ronnie, the pedophile, until the end. He’s a very sympathetic character, which you don’t expect from someone who targets young children.

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