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Well, I’ve written 22 pages of my memoir. I’m so afraid that it will be boring. I have had a lot of interesting stuff happen, but it’s hard to remember it when I go to write. I can’t remember a lot about my childhood except that I was happy until we moved in with my grandfather. I’m also having some issues with opening up about some of my delusions. I know I’m not secretive about my problems, but I’m afraid that if I open up about some of my delusions that there will be restraining orders against me. I mean, I’m not violent, just a bit obsessive.

I went out with Marakie and Alice last night. We ate at Applebee’s, which is a pretty big deal for me. I haven’t eaten there in almost seven years. It’s just so expensive. Of course, it seems like every place out there is starting to get to be expensive.

I ate from the 3 Course Combo menu. I got the Shrimp & Parmesan Sirloin. I ordered it well done, but I think they gave me Marakie’s (we ordered the same thing) because it was a bit pink inside, and hers wasn’t. I had a Blondie for dessert. It was incredible. I’m so used to eating Stouffer’s dinners. This was like a major step up.

Alice left after dinner, and Marakie had to run some errands. We went by Sally’s Beauty Supply, but they closed about three minutes before we got there. All Marakie needed to do was return some stuff, but they were closed. Then, she had to go by Target. We had planned on going to see Constellation that night, but the next showing wasn’t going to be until 10:00, and I wasn’t going to stay out past midnight to see a movie. I talked Marakie into seeing The Departed, which she hadn’t seen. She didn’t hear me when I said I’d seen it before, so when I was warning her about the violence in the theater, she claimed that I didn’t tell her I’d seen it before. Of course, I’d seen it before. It was a Leonardo DiCaprio movie. I saw it the day it came out. I saw it at it’s first airing at the theater I go to. It’s only the third movie that I’ve seen for the second time in a theater. The other two were Titanic and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.While we were waiting to see the movie, Marakie and I talked. I told her about things like my grandfather and why I can’t see The Messengers in the theater. (The old people in the walls delusion.) She was a bit intrigued by my description of my delusions. I guess I’m good practice for some of the types of people that she’ll run into when she is a social worker.

Why is it that when there was a small risk of seizure because of the interaction between Wellbutrin and Geodon, I was taken off Wellbutrin, but when there is a much greater risk of seizure when Depakote and Klonopin mix, there’s no concern by any doctor?

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