Dust in the Wind 4

I just wrote a really long entry, but because the school computer can’t seem to handle using the whole categories thing on WordPress, I’m having to start over.

Today is my final day of school for this semester.  I have one more “exam” to go.  It’s in Advanced Comp.  We get to write persuasive essays.  I’m really good at those, so I’m not really worried.  I had my Art of Interviewing test today, and I’m worried about the matching section of the test.  I got a bit confused on it.  It was easy stuff, but my little brain just couldn’t seem to process it.

I wrote another long entry a week or so ago, but I lost it too.  In it, I ranted about a “friend” of mine.  I don’t like her, but she thinks we’re really close.  She uses me and expects me to do things for her.  She presumes that I can just do whatever she wants for some reason that it unbeknownst to me.  I’m just sick of doing things with her and for her.  I want to tell her to just go away, but she probably wouldn’t listen.  I made it perfectly clear that being touched pisses me off, and what does she do?  She touches me.  I just want to, at the very least, slap her.  I don’t get why she has to touch me.  What on earth does she gain by touching me?  Maybe she’s just forgetful, but why does she forget that, but she doesn’t forget that I can type really fast?

It’s supposed to be stormy today, which I hate.  As I have stated many times before, I don’t like stormy weather.  Hell, I’m afraid of stormy weather.  I like to be in my house where I feel more safe.  I really don’t feel safe at A&M since it seems to be a target for severe weather.

I need to waste another twenty minutes before I leave to go to my final exam.  I guess I can just keep typing, can’t I?  I mean, I have several weeks worth of crap that I can talk about.  Actually, I don’t really have that much to say.

I’ve worked on family history stuff, which is pretty neat.  I know that that’s dorky to say, but it is nice to know where my family comes from.  I had a friend once who said that only Americans seem to care about their heritage, but I don’t think that that’s true.  If other cultures didn’t care about their heritage, then they wouldn’t keep information about it.  It would just be dust in the wind.

I’ve replaced my Hayden Christensen obsession with an obsession on Eric Balfour.  He’s Brian on Conviction and played Gabe on Six Feet Under, as well as Jesse (Xander’s friend in the first episode) on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  (He was also in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.)  I’ve gotten his band’s CD (Fredalba’s Uptown Music for Downtown Kids).  I’ve also bought a movie he was in (Lie with Me).  Both are pretty good.  The movie definitely isn’t for younger audiences.

I no longer have Gulshan as my therapist.  I wasn’t going to have her anymore because I have Medicare.  I was going to leave her yesterday.  I’m just sick of her.  I tried to leave once before and she asked for a second chance.  I gave her a second chance, and yesterday, she said that that never happened.  Why would I lie about that?  She asked for another chance yesterday before she realized that the Medicare would keep her from being my therapist anyway.  I now have an LCSW for a therapist.  That should be interesting.

I should probably go.  I hope that I actually get this entry to show up.

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