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Well, I found out last week that I don’t have mono. I found out that I have fibromyalgia. Then, this week, I found out that my left foot wasn’t broken. Instead, I have tendonitis. If it isn’t better, I can go back in 3 weeks to get it re-checked. Still, neither of these diagnoses ends the pain that is continuing.

I’m sorry that I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been trying to get everything back up and running. It’s taking me forever because there’s a lot to do. I know that means that I may have taken on too many sites, but I don’t think that’s true. I just didn’t expect to get sick or to have so much work to do. I just didn’t anticipate what the future held. How can you? All of the old subdomains at fuzzypinkslippers.com will be on urban-sunrise.net, except The Kate Revolution, The Taboolistings, and Celestial. All will have their own domains. It may take me until June to get everything back up and running, but I plan on having everything up and running SOON.

I got a B on an English paper, and I was quite ticked off. I deserved an A on that paper, and I don’t just say that because I’m full of myself. I know that I did a better job than she gave me credit for. My dad said that she gave me a B because she expects more from me. That may be true, but it still isn’t right. If my paper was good enough for someone else to get an A on it, then it should be good enough for me to get an A on it. Besides, I NEVER get a B on papers in English. I’ve always been an A writer. Getting a B on composition is like a slap in the face or a punch to the gut for me.
Speaking of grades, I was having a bit of a rough patch with Statistics. Going into the test we had on Monday, I had a C average, with my last two grades being D’s. It wasn’t that I didn’t study. I just got confused on them. It was simple stuff, but I got confused. This latest test earned me an 83. I think if I’m able to keep getting grades like that and higher, I might be able to pull off a decent grade in that class.

I found out that I didn’t do as much damage to my bank account as I thought. Of course, I still don’t get my check card back, and I’ll still have to ask permission before I buy anything. I want to get Fredalba’s CD and Brokeback Mountain, but I don’t know if my $150 allowance starts this month or some other month. I tried asking my mother, but she was a bit elusive about it. Maybe she hasn’t decided quite yet. I told her what I wanted to get, and brought up that I wanted to buy new clothes (since the majority of what I wear falls off of me) with the money. Maybe she’ll let me do that. She told me that we could go to a “used clothes store” to get me some jeans. I guess that’s okay, though I’d rather go to Ross. I guess I have to be more thrifty about my clothes money, especially since my size is changing about every 3 weeks.

Speaking of clothes sizing changing. I’m now able to fit into size 18 pants. I haven’t been “small enough” to do that in the last 10 years. I weigh less now than I did in 7th grade. When I lose 30-40 more pounds, I’ll be smaller than I was in 3rd grade. Though I’m getting smaller, I still see the same fat loser in the mirror. If I didn’t notice my clothes not fitting, I would still feel like I was almost 350 pounds. I actually feel like that any way. I hope that that feeling goes away. I know it might happen eventually, but I want it to happen right now. I guess that’s too much to ask for, though.

Has anyone else seen Conviction? It’s the new show on NBC that has young DA’s in New York (based on Law & Order) doing cases and dealing with their out of court stuff. I think it’s brilliant. It’s the first show in a long time that makes me giddy. I love Alias, Charmed, Friends, and Buffy, but they don’t make me feel giddy anymore. I still am a huge fan, I just don’t feel the excitement anymore. If you haven’t seen the show, then watch it, or at least tape/DVR/Tivo it so that you can watch it. I hope that it doesn’t get cancelled. I would hate to have a show that I like so much get cancelled.

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