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It finally happened.  My mom had me forfeit my debit card today.  I was spending too much money.  I know that I was being irresponsible, but I think it really sucks that I can’t have my card anymore.  I’m sure that I’ll get it back when I’m not in a spending kind of mood.  When I get a little strange in the mental state, I tend to overspend.  I’ve bought 11 domains, 3 cds, 2 dvd sets, 7 dvds, a pendant, 3 pairs of earrings, 5 posters, 1 picture, and 2 tops.  I’ve also been on eBay and bid on 10 Beanie Babies, 3 magazines, 1 dvd set, and a necklace.  See, I’ve spent a bit too much.  Of course, 2 dvds and 2 cds were bought with birthday money.  I was going to start saving money to buy a new computer, but I think that will have to wait a while before I start my computer buying fund.

My dad fell on Thursday while I was at school.  Gretchen tripped him outside and he fell onto the concrete.  He broke his wrist and had to have surgery Friday.  He came home yesterday and he seems to be okay.  He hurts a lot of course and he can’t do anything with his left arm and hand while he’s healing, so that means we have to help him a lot.

I fell yesterday.  Molly jerked her leash away from my mom as we walked outside to walk her and Gretchen.  I ran to go after her, but I had Gretchen, so she ran, too.  Well, when we got onto the street, I fell.  I have scrapes on my hands/fingers (really bad), wrists, and my knee.  I have bruises on 2 fingers on my left hand, my left wrist, and my left elbow.  I still ache all over from the fall.  I can’t take Tylenol, but not because of the addiction.  I can’t have it because it might cause liver toxicity when it combines with Lamictal.

My delusions are coming back.  Bleh.  I became convinced on Thursday that there were cameras in the bathroom at the dorm.  I’m trying to break that thought pattern before it turns into full-blown paranoia, like I had last spring in my dorm room with the smoke detector.  I wish I had more control of these things.

You know, I’m not all comment crazy, but I miss hearing from all my blog buddies.  🙁  I guess I need to be a more active blog buddy and visit them, catch up on their lives, and just be more involved in the blogging world.

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