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The next time I write a blog entry, I’ll be 22.  That’s right.  Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday, which means that today is this site’s 5th birthday.  I’ve gotten two presents from online folks.  One person sent me 2 Alias books and the other sent me a candle, some tea, and body lotion.  I thought both gifts were very sweet.  I’m a little surprised that I haven’t gotten any cards from any of my relatives yet.  Maybe they’ll come sometime in the next few days.

I really need to work on getting Celestial back up and running.  Right now the CSS is still screwy and I haven’t added all the themes.  I really should do that, since the board has pretty much been closed for 2 months.  Everyone is welcome to go and visit, though, even if looks like crap.  I do like the theme image that’s up right now.  Gotta love Brokeback Mountain, right?  🙂

I have to go get my soul sucked out today.  That’s right.  It’s library time again.  This time I have to go to give my part of the rough draft of a paper we have to do in Methods.  I had to write about the migration patterns and the discrimination of Cambodians in the US.  The migration patterns was a little difficult to find information about, but I found plenty about discrimination.  I found this one site that I thought would help me with the migration part, but it turned out to a prime example of discrimination.  It basically said that Buddhism was evil and that all Buddhists should be converted to Christianity.  I understand that it was written by a Christian fundamentalist, but calling Buddhism evil?  That’s just absolutely absured.  From what I know about it, Buddhism is anything but evil.  Back to the paper, I should have had my part done already, but I kept forgetting to research.  Everytime I would remember, I’d be away from anything I could use to research.  When I told this to my group, a couple nearly rolled their eyes at me and they laughed.  I can’t help it if I’ve been busy with classes and with other stuff.  Yeah, I should pay more attention to all the classes that I’m in, but sometimes that’s hard to do.

I picked up a postcard for AMDA yesterday before English class.  I would love to go there, but I probably won’t.  I’m still going to try to audition, though.  Since I felt too crappy to go to the cattle call last Thursday, then I’ve got to try some way to pursue my dreams, right?

I don’t have a scale to weigh myself on, but I think that I’m still losing weight.  My jeans seem to be getting bigger and bigger on me.  A pair of jeans that I just bought a month ago has already gotten to be almost to big for me.  It’s weird that I’m still losing, since I’ve been eating more.  I’m constantly hungry.  I mean, within minutes of eating, I get hungry again.  This has only been going on for the past month, but it’s rather annoying.  My mom said it could be because my metabolism has sped up, which I hope is the truth.  Otherwise, I’ll just have to chuck it to the side so it can be classified with my dizziness, fatigue, and achy muscles.

Why is it that people always ask if I drink when I tell them that I’m turning 22?  Aren’t the drinking questions reserved for the 21st birthday.  When I tell them that I’m not going to drink, some say it’s good that I don’t and others say that they want to get me drunk.  I don’t want to drink.  I don’t want to have some adverse reaction to one or more of my medicines from the combination of drinking and my pills.  Also, with my family’s history, it would be a dangerous road to start going down.

Is it ridiculous that I’ve spent five years studying to be a social worker, and now I just want to become an actress?  I mean, I know that I’ve wanted to perform since I was a little kid, but I feel like I’ve messed up somehow.  I think I’ve gone down the wrong path, and that’s a bit scary.  I’d make a good social worker, but I’d rather be doing something that I know I’m good at.  I’m not exactly a people person, so being in social work is a little odd for a person like me.  The only downfall to acting that I can think of is that I have trouble with my memory, but I can work on that, right?  Okay, so there’s another downfall.  If I go to NYC or LA, then I’m going to have to leave my family and that would be really difficult.  I mean, I couldn’t even go to a school 2 hours away.  How could I expect that I could make it even further away from home?

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