She Doesn’t Want Me Anymore 3

I’m wondering how much longer I will have a roommate.  Dachelle wants to live in her own apartment.  She hasn’t said anything to me directly, but I’ve overheard her talking on the phone about hating to have a roommate and I’ve seen her application for an apartment.  You know what I don’t get?  When she said she hates having a roommate, it just doesn’t make sense.  I’m there two nights a week.  Two nights.  How can I be so much of a bother that she feels the need to move away.  Of course, I wouldn’t mind having the room all to myself again.  In fact, I’d be rather happy.  The only thing that I would really miss would be Dachelle’s fridge.  I put my yogurt, lunch, and dinner in there, with her permission.  I guess that I could get a fridge of my own.

This whole Dachelle moving out thing isn’t the only issue that we’re having.  Last week, I was watching Shattered Glass and she came in the room.  The movie was about two thirds of the way through the movie.  Well, she came in and turned her television on.  She cranked up the volume so that I couldn’t hear Shattered Glass, so I cranked up the volume of my tv.  She kept hers at a very loud volume, even when she’d leave the room for several minutes at a time.  Once she saw that I was through watching the movie, she turned her tv off.  This isn’t the only thing other than the moving out that bugs me either.  She likes to listen to rap very loudly (again with the leaving the room for minutes at a time with it cranked up).  Not just rap, but rap that contains degrading and explicit (sexual) lyrics.  Now, I’m a bit used to rap because it is played so much on the campus, but the stuff she listens to?  No.  She doesn’t seem to see that this “music” that she’s listening to is quite disgusting.  I would point it out, but then I might face the fact that I would no longer get to use her fridge.  So I try to be nice.  I don’t complain, even though I should.

I’m still sifting through the troubles on Taboo.  There are so many listings that haven’t been updated in a year or that are completely offline.  There are others that aren’t even fanlistings anymore.  The people never sent in closed forms, so I have to put them on troubles.  You would think that the whole troubles checking/adding thing is easy, but it isn’t.  It takes quite a while to go through a whole network looking for listings that break the rules.  After I finish the network-wide troubles check, I’m turning that job over to the category staffers.  Oh, and if you’re interested in working on Taboo, please let me know.  We need lots of new staffers.

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