Life sucks 1

I just e-mailed the Senior Staffers at TFL to pass along my apologies to the staff because I know that I’m being a handful right now and I don’t mean to be.  I’m just bleh.  I wish I could be nicer, but right now I’m having trouble with that sort of thing.

I was going to ask for help naming fanlistings, but now I feel like a bad person for even thinking about asking for help.  This is why I should never ask for help.  Something always makes me feel bad for asking for help.  Also I always feel ashamed.

Can someone just give me a hug or something?

Of course, Dreamhost has given me a bit of a lift because of their increasing my bandwidth and disk space.  I probably won’t ever use it all, but it’s nice to know it’s there.  If you’re looking for a host, Dreamhost is really great, except I don’t quite know how to do some things on it.

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  • Andrea

    Hi. My name is Andrea and I read your blog all the time, I read that you wanted a hug so here is a Big HUG!

    Okay, feel better.

    ~ Andrea

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