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I’m trying to revamp Celestial and get it up and running before Christmas Day. I have to get the themes ready today. I wanted to install quite a few hacks before I got the site up and running again. Everytime that I try to install some of the hacks, I end up screwing up the boards. If anyone is willing to work on the hacks and files so that I can upload them and be fully revamped, then please help me out. The best I can do is 2 years free advertisement on 4 domains. Any help would be majorly appreciated.

I’ll also offer 1 month of advertising for any layouts for Urban Sunrise that says the name of the site, Hosting, Hostees, Network, and Collective. That applies to theme images for Celestial. The Celestial theme image should be 700×250 and say Celestial MB, Celestial Boards, Celestial Message Boards, or Celestial and Est. 2001 or Established 2001. I have a list of people, movies, tv shows, etc. that I’d like to be used. For US please don’t do Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. I just wanted them for the boards.

Oh, and I don’t expect anyone to do either of the offers above before Christmas, if they’re done at all. I know that people need time to spend with their families, worship, get away from people who are with their families and worship, open pressies, etc.

In case I don’t post tomorrow or Sunday, have a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah. I should be able to say Happy Kwanzaa, but just in case…Happy Kwanzaa. 🙂

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