The Fall of Janet 13

I have a test tomorrow in Diverse Populations and I’ve only managed to get 11 pages into the chapter. That means I have another 19 to go. I swear that I need to get my psychiatrist to prescribe something that helps me concentrate. I’m a 3.9 who can’t even listen in class. My attention span feels like it’s getting worse every day. I know my depression seems to be getting worse every day as well. They may have something to do with one another. Bleh. I hate this. Why does school screw me up so much? I’m messed up enough in the summer. I don’t need to be more messed up during the rest of the year. I don’t need the stress. I don’t need any of it. All I want is to crawl into my bed and sleep, but that’s too much to ask for. 🙁

I dread tomorrow in Speech. I have to give my introductory speech, which is bad enough as it is, but when you factor in that my speech teacher wants us to point out “clutter words”, it’s going to be so much worse. When someone uses a “clutter word” (um, uh, you know, etc.), the class is supposed to raise their hands. If I get nervous, I may use “clutter words” and the more nervous I get the more I might use them. If I have hands raised against me enough times, I may run crying from the room. I understand that my teacher wants to educate us and make us talk properly, but what she’s having us do is embarrassing. This is supposed to be helpful? People tried it yesterday and it caused 2 people to completely forget what they were talking about. How are people supposed to give speeches if they can’t remember them because the class is putting their hands up? It doesn’t seem right.

I made Tamika and Ziffany laugh yesterday in Diverse Populations. Apparently, it’s really funny that I have a dorm room on campus and I live at home. I mean, I know it sounds funny, and in a way it is, but it isn’t. It’s very simple this semester. I have classes 3 days a week, I live right across town, and I need somewhere to stay between classes and while I wait for my mom to pick me up.

I also made my Speech class laugh yesterday when my group was doing our presentation on why Bill Clinton was our favorite speaker. My segment was supposed to be about how he’s well-informed. Well, I said he was well-informed, well-researched, etc. I didn’t have anything else to add, but I had said “and” so I needed to say something, and I didn’t want to use a “clutter word”. What did I say? I said, “He doesn’t talk like an idiot.” Everyone, including my teacher, was laughing.

Ugh. It’s almost time for football season. I hate football season. Football season leads to grumpy Daddy. Of course, last season he wasn’t grumpy until the end because Auburn won all their games. The grumpiness he had at the end was directed toward the BSC. I hate to think it, but I don’t think Auburn will do so well this year. I know that means grumpfests all Fall-long. Ugh.

I hope doing this doesn’t offend anyone. I have a list of CDs (in my LiveJournal) that I would like to get, but I don’t have the money and I don’t want to beg for the money. So, I thought instead of that, I would trade advertising time on my domain for a zipped file with the songs (or each individual song file) so that I can burn the CDs. I’ll do 1 month of 1 size (88×31, 100×35, or 468×60) for each import single and 3 months of 1 size for each album. If you do 5 or more, then I’ll do as many banners as you’d like for the rest of the time this domain is around or however long your site is around. If you don’t have a site you want to advertise, you can always advertise a friend’s site (with their permission). I won’t advertise porn, hate, or anything illegal.

Oh, I made a new theme, but I think it sucks. It’s called The Rose, and the image is okay…it’s the rest that I don’t like.

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    That’d be awesome. I’m pretty sure I’m getting Linkin Park: Meteora from a friend, but so far the other two aren’t ones anyone has. I’ll let you know if someone else comes through on the other two.

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