The Return of the Jackass, Part Deux 3

Well, he couldn’t leave well enough alone. This morning as we were taking the dogs out, there was a lovely gift left between our front door and storm door. That’s right, Jackass or Satan’s Spawn (the first is what I call him to my dad, the second is what I call him to my mom) decided it would be fun to leave dog “crap” in our storm door for us (me) to step in on our (my) way out. My mom came and cleaned it up. In the meantime, I was in the wet grass trying to get my shoe clean without touching it. I was also thinking of ways to seek revenge. There are very few times when I wish that Dadada was still alive. Today was one of those days. What better way to fight someone with no conscience than to use someone who has no conscience to go up against him? I know, I’m a good person and I shouldn’t let him get to me. I shouldn’t wish I could do something back. That doesn’t stop me from wanting to learn curses or get a voodoo doll or something.

He’s really going too far. It isn’t the first time he’s done something like this. A few years ago he planted dog “crap” in the handle part of the recycling bin. Luckily no one got their hands into that mess. Both times, though, the “crap” didn’t belong to one of our dogs. It would be nice to think that if he got a camera, then he would know it wasn’t us, but let’s face the reality of the situation. He isn’t going to admit he’s wrong. He likes harassing us. He thinks we’re horrible. (We don’t think highly of him either.) He’s still going to take out his anger on us. We’re easy targets.

I’m sorry for two posts with such crappy things in them. 😛 It’s just his childish behavior is really bugging the crap out of me. He needs to learn to be a grown up. I’m only 21, and I try to avoid being one, but I feel like I’m more of a grown up than him. It doesn’t take being married or having kids to make you a grown up. Sometimes, it just takes acting your age and, for lack of better terms, not your shoe size.

On Thursday, I got 4 lovely pieces of mail from the government. The first was a letter from Medicaid telling me that I didn’t qualify for the program that I applied for a few weeks ago. The next was also from Medicaid, but instead of telling me that I didn’t qualify, it contained my Medicaid card and a letter explaining a little bit about the program. Then, I got my official letters from Social Security about SSI and about Adult Child Disability telling me how much I’ll receive each month. The AC may change because I receive SSI, I’m not sure yet. In the letter it said it could change if you’re already receiving certain benefits. I don’t know how much it will change. Other than rent and utilities, I don’t know what to do with the money. I have to spend it so that I don’t end up with too much, but I don’t know how I’ll spend it. I don’t know how I’ll be allowed to spend it.

School starts back next Friday. I have to go Wednesday for a new ID and Thursday for my book voucher, but before all of that, I have to go tomorrow to set up my dorm room. I think I may take my camera so that I can show what the room (that I will hopefully be spending very little time in) looks like. I got a new comforter set because my comforter from last semester had holes in it. My old one was blue and all my stuff to go with it was blue and white. My new one is light pink. I got a new throw, throw pillow, and body pillow to go with the new look. I think it will all look very nice. Hopefully, I won’t have to see it much, though.

My back hurts, but, as part of my plan to stay clean of Tylenol, I can’t take anything for it. That really sucks. I hate being in pain, but I know if I start to use it, I might never stop. Why is it that when I make a committment to no longer take Tylenol, I end up in pain? Is it some cruel joke?

Oh, my dad no longer has a job. He quit on Thursday. He was a security officer for a company that had him working at Huntsville Hospital. He was being overworked and it was really getting to him. He tried to explain it to his boss and his boss didn’t understand, so he quit. It was his first real full-time job since he was laid off three years ago. Technically, he worked full-time for this awful woman (who still owes me for web design work I did for her) that he thought was his friend. She told him that he could be VP of her procurement company, then she had an advisor who basically made her make my dad into one of the little people in the company. She never paid him for the last contracts he brought in. On the bright side of things, I think she got in trouble with the city for bouncing checks to her employees and with the government and businesses for not paying/delivering what she was supposed to. So, now he’s got to look for a new job.

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